new technologies for a sustainable wood industry

What is BAT in furnishing industry

The Best Available Technologies (BAT) are the most effective technologies to reach a high level environmental protection keeping technical and economic feasibility.

We can say a furnishing industry is applying BAT when is encouraging best environmental practices, choosing the most suitable raw materials (sustainable, renewable, etc.), using efficient technologies and equipments which will result in a correct treatment and minimisation of waste.

Gennerally, BAT includes:

• Integration of the workers into Environmental Management

• Maintenance and suitability of equipments

• Efficiency of production processes (reagent dosing, optimisation of water use and raw materials, etc.)

• Minimisation of waste (packaging reduction, waste and subproducts recovery)

• Improvement of logistics and distribution

VOCs reduction in varnishes and water-based products

ECOVARN – a competitive and environmentally responsible varnish

Reduction of VOCs emissions would help to improve overall health. It also reduces the volume of hazardous waste and associated risks.

Water-based coatings for outside and inside furniture are generally formulated with emulsions or dispersions of different water- polymers. They are categorized by their use. Water-based products have low emissions and further increasing work safety.

Although there are some disadvantages associated to the use of water-based products; low resistance and rarely appliance on an industrial scale.

ECOVARN is an European project under the 7th Framework Programme. It has developed a water-based varnish for industrial applications from renewable raw materials.

Coatings with ECOVARN ensure the mechanical properties when it comes to moisture and other extrem factors, extending the use of the furniture.

The focus has been on the industrial application; the bio-based resin obtained enables the most advanced drying and curing application systems, decreasing their application time trough innovative nano enhancers.

Training about ECOVARN coating application


gives added value to wood products by complying with aplicable laws and the highest environmental standards. offering at long last a competitive product, optimum drying and curing times and easily implemention in the industry.