Depression/loneliness - 22.7%
Transition into middle school - 1.2%
Transition into high school - 3.3%
Transition into college 4.3%
Transition to adulthood - 7.7%
Academic stress - 16.3%
bullying - 3.8%

Home environment - 5.5%
Character development - 7.8%
Developing a strong, healthy work ethic - 5.4%
Developing healthy relationships - 4.8%
Managing emotions - 0.7%
Eating or physical activity habits - 4, 0.4%
Self-acceptance - 1, 0.1%
Other- 16.0%


Your life is changing, just like your body. You might be feeling a lot more pressure these days, and you are still developing the skills you need to deal with that pressure. You may be having responsibilities at home, or not getting the best grades at school. You even might be dealing with friendship problems or bullying.


As you grow up, you will eventually develop the skills you need to handle your emotions, but for now, you can't do it alone, talk to your parents and teacher, they will help. They probably went through what you are going through.


Being young does not prevent you from experiencing stress. You may feel anxious about your body changes, friendships, grades, tests, family issues, homework, work, lack of sleep, health, extra-curricular activities or your future. Stress is a normal part of life and we all can learn how to reduce our stress, or cope with it.

Some ways to handle stress:
- Exercise

- Discuss your problems

-Eat well

- Plenty of Rest