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February 2023

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St Gabriel Education Centre is a safe and caring environment where students are given the differentiated, flexible, and engaging learning opportunities that will inspire them to be successful in learning and life.

Principal's Update

Dear St. Gabes students and families,

And here we are . . . halfway through our school year and starting semester 2. I hope you all had a wonderful first semester and are ready for a new semester of fresh and exciting learning! We were pleased to be able to serve over 300 students through St. Gabriel Education Centre this past semester. Please share the good news about our school with your friends and family so that we can continue to provide an excellent alternative to traditional education for students.

We have 2 really important surveys that we're asking parents/guardians and students to fill out. Students, you will fill out your surveys at school. Parents, please see the information below. We really value your feedback and use it to continue to improve our school.

Here's to a great, fresh new beginning!

From our hearts to yours, we wish you many blessings!

Renee Trottier,


Welcome to our newest St. Gabe's Staff Member!

Welcome to Chantelle Blair! Ms. Blair is joining us as our Learning Support Facilitator while Mrs. Lamoureux is at home taking care of her new baby. Ms. Blair comes to us with a wealth of experience and education. Ms. Blair is a doctoral student in the School and Clinical Child Psychology program. Before pursuing graduate studies, she completed her Bachelor of Kinesiology and Bachelor of Education and worked as a teacher. She enjoys crafts, art, yoga, and hikes with her sister and her sister's dog.

Ms. Blair is on-site at St. Gabe's on Mondays for her doctoral program and Thursdays in the role of LSF. If you're having trouble with your classes and think you need help beyond what your teacher can provide, please contact Ms. Blair at

Newsletter Draw

We had an incredible 167 people read our January newsletter! That's amazing. Thank you for taking the time to read about what's happening at St. Gabes.

Congratulations to our January newsletter winner Rena Yakemchuk! Please pick up your Chapter's gift card at St. Gabes!

Thank you to all of you who read our newsletters. Our readership is definitely going up which is awesome! It's so important to be informed about what's going on at school.

Don't forget to enter our draw for a gift card! I reset the draw each month so you can win more than once!

February Calendar

February 1 - Semester 2 begins

February 2 - Candlemas and Ground Hog's Day

February 2 - SGEC Parent Council Meeting

February 9-10 - Teacher's Convention. School is closed.

Feb. 12-18 - Random Acts of Kindness Week

February 14 - Valentine's Day. Come in and receive a Valentine's treat today!

February 17 - Random Acts of Kindness Day

February 17 - Professional Development/Staff meeting. School is closed

February 20 - Family Day. School is closed

February 21 - Shrove Tuesday - Come for a Pancakes and Sausages breakfast! Pink Shirt Day. Wear Pink!

February 22 - Ash Wednesday

PowerSchool and Grades

Junior High - Your semester 1 marks and comments are available on PowerSchool.

  • Students - you will log in using your school email and password. Download the app - it's a lot easier. The division code is QNMM.
  • Parents - if you don't have an account, you need to sign up for one first from a computer, after that, you can use the app or log in from your phone/tablet. Click here for our division PowerSchool link. If you don't know your password, please contact Renee Trottier and I can send it to you.

High School - your course and final exam marks are available on PowerSchool. See the instructions above if you don't have a PowerSchool account.

  • Diploma exam results will be released in mid-February on your MyPass account. If you don't have a MyPass account, you must sign up for one. This is where you will order transcripts for post-secondary applications.
  • MyPass

St. Gabes Course Policies

All students - Please be aware of our course policies and procedures, as well as our academic dishonesty policy. These documents are on your course outlines, on every course in Moodle and on our website. Make sure you read them so you're not caught unaware at the end of the semester.

Course Completion Policy

Academic Dishonesty Policy

Student Handbook

Semester Two - High School Students

Semester 2 starts Wed. Feb. 1. All semester 2 students in core classes are expected to stop by the school to pick up their textbooks and return any textbooks from semester 1. You will not be able to get your new textbooks until your semester 1 books are returned or paid for.

Your teachers will have emailed you already with information about joining your online courses in Moodle and information about when their seminars are scheduled.

Course schedules are linked here and posted on our website under "Grades 10-12" and on Moodle.

Semester Two - Junior High Students

All junior high students will continue their core classes including PE, Health, and Religion for the full year. Option classes will change on February 1st.

Registration for 2023/2024

Registration for next year is now OPEN! Please click on the link HERE.

St. Gabriel Education Centre offers a fully online program for students in grades 7-9 as well as options for online, blended, or in-person learning for grades 10-12. You can find out more about St. Gabes by checking out our website or calling one of the staff.

School Council

Our next School Council meeting is on February 2 at 6:30 pm. We meet once per month except for December and June. All of our meetings are online. You can join by clicking on the link below:

School Council Online Meeting Link

You can find the agenda and meeting link on our website under "About Us/School Council".

We look forward to seeing you!


High School Students - It is your responsibility to return any textbooks and novels that you have from semester 1. Charges will be going out this month for unreturned books.

Survey Says . . .

It's Survey Season again!

We have 2 surveys that we ask parents, students, and staff to fill out each year.

1. GSACRD Division Assurance Survey - Parents, you were already sent the link to this survey by email from me. This survey is specific to our division and our school. If you haven't filled it out yet, please click on the link below to do so. Students, your link is on Moodle and there is a QR code at school.

2. The second survey we do is the Alberta Assurance Survey. This is put out by Alberta Education. You will be getting a letter in the mail with the survey and a pre-paid return envelope. There is also a code you can use if you'd rather fill it out digitally. Please DO NOT throw out the letter! We really value your opinion and in the past, we haven't had enough parents complete the survey to use the feedback.

  • Students - you will be filling this survey out at school.

Catholic Corner

What is Lent?

This month on Ash Wednesday, we start the period in our liturgical calendar called, Lent.

A Reflection from Mark 1:9-15, Psalm 25

Often we speak about Lent as a desert time. Many of us will never spend time in a physical desert, but we do know what it is like to feel that our hearts are empty or dry. During the time of the pandemic, some of these feelings may be even stronger than usual. Let’s look at Jesus and listen to his experience in the desert.

At the beginning of Mark’s Gospel, (Gospel means “good news”) we see Jesus being baptized by his cousin, John, in the Jordan River. As He is baptized, we hear God speak these beautiful words, “You are my Son, whom I love.” Do you feel you are a beloved son or daughter of God? Perhaps during Lent, you would like to spend a little time each day in silence.

We are so used to being distracted by our devices, games, TV, school, work, etc. that it can be a challenge to just sit quietly and listen for the gentle whisper of God in our hearts. On Ash Wednesday we begin the Lenten practice of fasting. We will try to deepen our relationship with God through fasting and praying. In the story about Jesus, we hear that the Spirit descended upon Jesus. We received the gift of the Holy Spirit at our own baptism, so we can trust that the Holy Spirit will guide us to spend this quiet time in our personal desert, that is, our hearts. If we listen very carefully, we can hear God say to us too, “You are my beloved daughter; you are my beloved son”. “Believe the “good news’.”

Big picture
How many of us can relate to this cartoon? What are you giving up for Lent? What are you adding? I find Lent is much easier than New Year's resolutions because there is a predictable template for it: give something up, add something to make the world a better place, and pray. And it's only 40 days compared to 365 so it's so much more achievable!

Mental Health and Wellness

Don't forget to check out our "Mental Health and Wellness" section on our website for wellness ideas, tips, resources and sessions that are being offered. Click on "community supports" for information about services in St. Albert and area to support you or your family.

Random Acts of Kindness and Pink Shirt Day

During the month of February, try to focus on helping and being kind to others. If you share pictures of yourself doing random acts of kindness with Mrs. Trottier, we can post them on our social media channels.

February 22 is Pink Shirt Day (but we are recognizing it on Feb. 21st due to Ash Wednesday falling on Feb.23). Don't forget to wear pink that day! You can usually purchase the T-shirts at London Drugs or online at

From the Pink Shirt Day organization - "Our 2023 Pink Shirt Day design was inspired by moments of kindness, empathy and understanding that can mean so much to children impacted by bullying. For bullied kids, it can be hard to know where to turn. But a helping and supportive hand can make a world of difference! Remember that whether it's sending a check-in text, calling out bullying behaviour when you see it, or simply offering your support, there are so many ways we can all help and connect with people being bullied. Let's Lift Each Other Up this Pink Shirt Day, and all year round!"


Counselling at SGEC

Our school counsellor at St. Gabriel Education Center is Mrs. Tracy Delhez. She is able to provide social and emotional support to students both online and at school. Mrs. Delhez is available at SGEC on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Counselling referrals can also be made by parents or teachers. Support is provided for individual or family concerns and referrals to outside agencies can be accessed through Mrs. Delhez. For more information or to book an appointment please contact Mrs. Delhez at

Parenting Workshops

Check out these workshops available to parents.


Just a friendly reminder to park in our lower parking lot when you are coming to the school.

Please do not park in the following areas:

  • our handicapped spot (unless you are handicapped and are coming into the school)
  • in the spots at the front of the building or in the upper lot on top of seven hills
  • in front of our garbage bin (the truck has left our garbage a few times because the bin was blocked).

Social Media - Updated Regularly

Did you know that we update our social media accounts on a regular basis? Following us is one of the quickest ways to find out what's going on at school and getting those last minute, emergency updates.

Please follow and share with your friends. We want everyone to know what a great place St. Gabes is!

Newsletter Draw

Don't forget to enter our draw for a gift card! I reset the draw each month so you can win more than once!

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