By: Madison Dorsch and Nicole Kane

Do you know who Perseus is??

Do you know who Perseus is? Well, Perseus is a Greek hero that is known for the slaying of the Gordon Medusa, whose head with its snaky locks, turned men to stone.

The myth of Perseus

The Myth Of Perseus

The myth of perseus is about how he locked Danae up in a tower and they stuck her daughter into a chest and pushed it out to sea and they all thought it was going to sink but it had flowed quite nicely. This myth is also about the slaying of Gordon Medusas head.


Who~ Perseus

What~ The Perseus myth

When~ The myth of Perseus started after the slaying of Medusas head

Where~ Greece

How~ How the myth had all started was of one oracle that had struck all their minds thinking they had to do something to try and stop the oracle from coming true

10 bullet points comparing our hero to OBAMA

How they are alike

1~ both are famous for something

2~ both have traveled to do something

3~ both are known for something major

4~ they are/were important

5~they both make a big deal to their kingdom/country

difference between them

1~ different names

2~ known for different things

3~ one is alive

4~ one has a myth behind it and the other doesn't

5~ One lives in the white house the other doesn't



Danae= D

Perseus= P

D:Today we are interviewing Perseus my son in our castle.

D:He has been gone for a year fighting other monsters and keeping me safe.

D: Oh Hello Pers, why are you late! (Perseus)

P:Hi Mom sorry I had to sharpen my sword it was all dall!

D: Oh it’s ok son. I was joking.

D: Welcome back to the kingdom.

P:Thanks Mom I missed you guys so much.

D: So How hard was it to get Medusa's head?

P: Well it was pretty hard because I couldn’t look at her, or else I would of turned to stone.

D: Did she fight back or did she just

give up?

P: Well she tried to save her life but I was too strong and smart she had no chance.

D: So did you miss your kingdom and your family?

P: I did miss you all and my home. I was a little homesick.

P:I didn’t want you to be treated jerky by that mean king.

D:Thanks Pers!

P: No problem Mom I will do anything for the best for you.

D: Where you scared going to kill a mean monster. Was it scary thinking you could die, and had to travel through places you haven’t been before did it freak you out?

P: Ummm… Well I was scared thinking I could die, but killing medusa was a rush. I like seeing new places I haven’t before so