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This week we focused on Pumpkins

Last week focus ran into this week; we continued some of our activities and extend others!

  • We Kept the teeing off pumpkin and added rubber bands to transform it into a pumpkin geoboard
  • As a class we did yarn painting of pumpkins
  • We also used our colored pumpkin seeds for tree art as well as seed transfers. Seed transfer is a math game that also encourages the use of fine motor skills. There are 2 bowls, a dice, pumpkin seeds and tweezers. They roll the dice and then use the tweezers to move pumpkin seeds from one bowl to another.
  • We practiced tracing (lines) pumpkin vines and used lacing cards.
  • As a class we visited the pumpkin Rotten Jack which we are monitoring as a science project. We are observing the rotting process.
  • We went on a nature walk and used our senses to make observations and explore our environment

Exploring The World Through Play


  • Make sure your child has a change of clothes in their cubbies that are weather appropriate
  • Please bring a Water bottle daily we use them outside as well as at snack
  • Nov 24th is our Thanksgiving Banquet please fill out the sign up form by the classroom door
  • Dec 9th at 10:45am we will see a performance "The Gingerbread Boy"