#cpsedchat: Google in the classroom

Tuesday, September 23 8:00CST

Google Tools in the Classroom

The format is simple: Search for the hashtag #cpsedchat and chime in! The chat will be a question/answer with a Q1 and A1 format. Add the answer number (ex: A3) with your tweets and respond to others to keep the conversation flowing.

Example Tweet:

A3: I use a morning meeting to get Ss opinions about how the class should operate #cpsedchat

Be sure to always include #cpsedchat in your tweets so everyone can see them!

Welcome and Introductions

Q1: Let's talk about Google Drive/Docs from a teacher perspective. How do you utilize Docs for collaboration, assessment, communication?

Q2: Now for the student perspective. How have you used Google Docs with students?

Q3: Blogger time. How have you used Blogger as a teacher or with students?

Q4: Time for Sites. How have you used Google Sites in your teaching?

Q5: YouTube time. How have you used YouTube in your classroom?

Q6: Classroom time. It's brand new, but being used already. How have you used Google Classroom with your students?

Q7: Let's Hangout. Anybody ever used Hangouts to communicate?

Q8: Any other helpful Google tools that you'd like to share?

Closing: Would you like to discuss any of these tools in depth next time? What other topics would you like to share?

Next #cpsedchat will be October 7th at 8:00CST