Mrs. Barton's Busy Bees

May 2016

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Earth Day

We celebrated Earth Day by attending a wonderful school-wide assembly. Second graders sang an original song as part of the assembly.

Cursive Writing

The children have been doing a great job with cursive writing! We have learned all the lower case cursive letters. Soon we will work on the upper case letters.

Election Day

We have been learning about the election process. Last week in honor of Primary Election Day we voted Monday on what our class snack would be on Wednesday. We set-up a voting poll in our classroom. Children had specific jobs...checking in the voters, showing the voters to the booth, overseeing the secret ballot being cast. We had a great time and learned a lot about the voting process. Fruit Loops beat out pretzels and Goldfish crackers!

Baltimore Aquarium Visits

The Baltimore Aquarium came to our school to do a presentation about the Amazon Rain Forest. The children had an opportunity to hold a Madagascar Cockroach! Above are a few pictures; I will post the rest of the pictures on Shutterfly later this week.
Scholastic Book Order

The last book order of the year will be due May 27th. The children have been loving our unit on Mysteries! They have really enjoyed the A to Z Mystery Series. Books from this series would be great for summer reading!

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