Changes in the work place

Nathan Rushworth

Increase use of technology in the workplace

With the rise of IT industries the world of work has changed this is because most jobs done by hand have not been done by machines this means many job opportunity's have been decreased for example car manufacturers use robots to construct their vehicles which means engineers who once built a car would lose there job. This also means that company's like chocolate factory's will lose almost all staff to machines that can produce faster. This makes different job choices for the younger generation harder to gain because most jobs rely on computers and robots to do the job.

The most common job choice for the younger generation is retail which is low paid and requires little skill in the 1980's the most common job in York was working in the many chocolate factory's however these chocolate factory's have moved or shut down.


A few years ago everyone had to retire at a certain age making pensions low and the elderly financially troubled, now we can retire at any age under the age of 68 this makes peoples pension greater allowing the elderly to be able continue a life. these days the older generation don't want to retire this means that their are less jobs available because most jobs going are replacements from retired staff.

Job for lifes

Their are very few jobs for life's going on these days because most company's that people would usually have staff stay for life like miners or steel workers will tend to have fewer workers and those workers will have to move around to get more qualifications or larger payment. A job for life is a job that most people would begin as an apprentice at the age of 16 and work for them to retirement.

Zero Hours

A zero hour contract don't require you to turn up at a work on a certain time and day, a zero hour contract require you to turn up when ever a company needs you to turn up you never no when you are to go to work this can be a problem because some people will have little time at work which means little wage.

Qualifications needed in jobs

These days most jobs require you to have some qualification for example almost all jobs require a math and English degree. some jobs like engineering require a qualification from a college and some also require a university degree. Most jobs expect you to have higher level of qualifications, this makes it difficult for younger people especially the school leavers because they wont have many high qualification.

Expanded careers in York

York had some of the biggest chocolate factory's this means that York was full of chocolate factory workers, most houses was built for the family's of the factory workers, now their are very few chocolate factory workers this is because the most expanded careers these days are tourist companies and hotel this includes hotels like the York royal hotel and lady Ann Middleton hotel. Airlines, Travel agency and city tours are some of the most thriving companies in the UK this is because many people go to visit the UK.

Service Industries

Their has been a large increase in the service industries this includes jobs that involve; catering, retail and hotel work. these jobs are usually low-paid, minimum wage paid jobs that require you to work long and hard working hours. most people do these jobs because they need the money. These jobs don't require much experience and qualifications.

Career plans

Due to the change in the work place this makes it difficult for some like engineers because of the machines make it quicker and easier for company's to produce better products, how ever plans to the IT industries is a lot easier as almost every job requires something to do with computers this means that a qualification in IT means you are required a job. the change has made my plans a lot easier for me as their are many company's employing an IT staff.