Nelson Mandela

By: Yulendy B.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson M. was born in 1918,he was imprisoned and treated unfairly by the causes of the ANC group.Many trusted him and believed in him.He got out of jail soon,because many leaders ordered his outage. Yet he lasted 27 years in prison.Many years later he became the president of South Africa.

Mandela Made History

Mandela was the very first black president of South Africa.He accomplished MANY things,but while doing it his freedom became smaller and smaller every second he did what he wanted.He was imprisoned yet he fought for his country.He was a true hero and many depended on him! He gave out housing for the poor and that's just one reason out of thousands that he is a hero.

Nelson Mandela created laws that were fair for everyone!

Apartheid ended when Mandela was in service as president!

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