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Weekly Update - 1/7/22

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Principal Thoughts

As I was making my morning rounds today, I had an interesting conversation with one of our teachers. We were discussing what is consuming so much of our time and energy these days, the pandemic. This teacher had a wonderful perspective on these turbulent times and mentioned an excellent way of dealing with the chaos caused by the virus. She told me in times like these we have to have grace. Not only do teachers need to have grace with their students, but as adults, we need to have grace with each other and with ourselves. This seems so simple, but I'm not so sure it always is. It can be hard to find grace at times these days. Over the break, I had to go to the License Plate Agency to pay my car taxes. I had to wait in line outside as only six people were allowed in the building at any given time. Once I got inside, I noticed something strange. At every workers' station, there was a sign that said, "Foul language and profanity are not permitted in this office." It made me a little sad to know the folks who worked there felt it necessary to put up signs like that to remind people to speak decently to them. Maybe I was just unaware, or perhaps I'm a little naive, but I don't recall seeing signs like that as recently as a few years ago. Thus, as we begin a new semester, the last semester of high school for our seniors, I would like to think we are all trying to do the best we can with an incredibly difficult situation, and we will all remember that we need to show each other, and ourselves, a little grace.

Counselor's Corner

During the New Year, when there is so much expectation to create goals, resolutions, and renewed expectations, it can feel a bit overwhelming! This New Year, as a parent and as a school counselor, my goals look a little different than in previous years. In this New Year, I aim to pay attention to the things that students love to do. When I think about what our students need right now, I believe that it has more to do with renewed passion and joy than just about anything. I have had some wonderful discussions with students in recent months about things that they are passionate about. These things range from animals to anime, basketball to baking, computer programming to coffee, and a plethora of others! I love watching students come alive when talking about that which makes them tick.

One of my daughters loves plants. She is fascinated by the variety of plants, how to care for them, and how to propagate them so that she can share them with other people. I like plants, but I don’t quite have the passion that she has for them. However, I want to support her in what she loves, so I am learning. I also believe that it is important to foster that passion, so I am looking for opportunities for my daughter to grow her knowledge of plants. Sometimes, when our children have interests and passions that are different from our own, it is easy to brush them off as “their things,” but if we want to have meaningful connections with our students, those connections can be deepened when we are curious about their interests. Offer to learn about (and play) Dungeons and Dragons, seek out a summer volleyball camp, search for internship opportunities at a plant nursery… just to name a few. The message that we send to our kiddos is, “I see you, I hear you, I don’t know much about _____, but I think that is really cool.”

~ Be well, Mrs. Allred-McGee

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