Los Angeles, California

By: Faith Brown 2nd Period

Limerick poem

Ill start off the day with a long, hot hike.

And I'll be sure not to forget my mountain bike.

I'll ride up and down;

I won't ever frown.

I think this is something I'm going to like.

Then, I'll wonder an old, abandoned zoo,

Some say it's creepy and haunted, too.

I'll have lots o' fun,

But the days just begun.

Hopefully it'll ll have a good veiw.

Then it's off to Universal studio.

It's quite exciting, I can't wait to go.

Where Disney was made,

And the characters stay.

I hear it's quite expensive though.

I'll be staying in the Beverly Hills hotel.

I've studied the building and know it well.

Room service is great and it's all free;

Everyone there waiting one me.

And at the beach I'll collect some shells.

I'll then take a tour of the Getty center.

It will take a full day from the time that I enter.

I'll go through a maze,

And outside we will play.

Good thing I'm not going in the winter.

Then I'll go to a restaurant with real good food.

It's been known well to improve your mood.

I'll eat a whole bunch;

The best foods at lunch.

You've reall gotta eat at patina, dude.

I'll finish the day with another run.

I think I'll be tired but have lots o' fun.

I won't ride a bike,

Because I'd much rather hike.

Then, sadly my vacation is done.


Dear whichever parent will be less mad,

I have this amazing opportunity, for myself of course. But, being the amazing, wonderful parents you are, I know you will say yes. It won't cost much just a round trip to and from Los Angeles, Some extra money for the hotel and food, and just to let you know, I already paid with your credit card so... But it's totally cool. I mean, a whole week without me. Ok, I'll wash the dogs every week and I'll do the dishes for a whole year. Actually I'm not going to do anything. How is that fair, me clean everything while all you have to do is spend thousands on me. Didn't you know having kids was expensive? But, just on the off chance you say no. I will run away from home, never talk to you again. EVER. And I'll probably make your lives miserable for like ever. But hey, you'll get some alone time, and you and dad can do those dance classes you've always wanted to do. So, see you at home. Oh, and the rent people called. Rent is due two weeks early this month. Bye!


Your daughter. Who will never forgive you if you say no.☺️

3 facts

  1. It has three famous nicknames. " the big orange," "City of angels, and "La La land"
  2. Its original name was " Pueblo de Nuestra Señora Reina de Los Angeles sobre el Rio." Whick translates to "The town of our lady queen of the Angels on the Porciuncula River."
  3. Finally, the " Hollywood" sign used to say "Holly Wood Land"

URL: http://www.movoto.com/los-angeles-ca/los-angeles-facts/

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Total price of the trip!✨

Plane tickets: $545.20

Hotel: $5,327

Attractions: $320

About Total cost: $6, 200