Fun Fractions

By: Skylar Stevenson

Adding and Subtracting Fractions


  1. Find Common Denominator
  2. Change your denominator to the least common multiple
  3. Then add or subtract your Numerator
  4. Keep you denominator the same
  5. Now you have your fraction
  6. Then simplify


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Multiplying Fractions

  1. Multiply your numerator by your numerator.
  2. Then multiply your denominator by your denominator.
  3. When you have your fraction then simplify.
  4. Then when you simplify you got your fraction.
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Dividing Fractions

  1. Keep your first Fraction
  2. Then you change your second fraction
  3. After that flip your second fraction
  4. When you have your fractions then multiply
  5. Now you have your fraction
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Adding and Subtracting Decimals

  1. Line up your decimals,
  2. Then add or subtract each digit
  3. After that drop your decimal down
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