Latin America newspaper

By: Kyler Pace

Physical Features of Brazil

Brazil has many physical features. One of them is the Amazon River. The river goes through most of Brazil and some other Latin American countries. It is the second largest river. A world record was even set there for the first person to walk the lake of the river. It took him 860 days! Another physical feature is the Amazon Rainforest. The rain forest runs through most of Northern Brazil and some other countries. It is the largest tropical rain forest. Did you know the rain forest has over 2.5 million bug species. That's more bugs than a Microsoft computer! A physical feature I personally want to visit is Iguazu Falls. The falls is in Southern Brazil. It has more than 275 falls which makes it very majestic. There is also a scenic rainbow formed over the fall which also makes it pretty. When Elanor Roosevelt first saw them she said "poor Niagara."

History of Mexico

Mexico has a lot of history that has made it what it is. Mexico used to have one major power that controlled all of the land, Aztecs. They had a strong mighty empire. When the Spanish conquistadors came they were defeated. After a long time they are now a civilized country. Mexico City is built over the ruins of Aztec city, Tenochtitlán. Because it is built on a lake, Mexico is sinking at a rate of 6 to 8 inches a year as pumps draw water out for the city’s population! It must feel like a boat all the time. At the time there are many movements going on. One of them is the Zapatistas in Mexico. They do not like N.A.F.T.A and its rules. With N.A.F.T.A they do not get as much money. Therefore the Zapatistas are using guerrilla warfare to make a statement. They use car bombs and random shootings. Maybe they are secret guerillas. Mexico definitely has a lot of history to follow. We may never know maybe Mexico will be taken over by the Zapatistas. Who knows?

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Venezuelan Goverment

Venezuela has a Federation system of government and a presidential type of government. The current leader is Nicolas Maduro. Remember to always follow your dreams. Before he was president Maduro was a bus driver! His term is 6 years long and he has 4 years left. One issue within in the government is that there is lots of crime that goes unsolved. After a recent survey we found out that only 22% of people feel safe in their homes. Also 17,000 people have been abducted and most have been poor. After another research they found out that the abductor is more likely to be better off than the person they abduct. I'm definitely not moving to Venezuela!

Environmental Concerns of Brazil

One environmental concern of Brazil is deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest. Many people are cutting down small trees to get to the big strong ones. This is causing many trees to be lost. After a recent study researchers found that 150 acres are cut down each minute. I know your still wondering how that's even possible aren't you?This means that many trees are being cut down each day. One solution to this problem would be a non corrupt government. Many people inside the government are receiving money to over look the deforestation. A solution that is in place is making cattle more expensive so people switch to that business. This has actually helped deforestation reduce a lot. A solution that i'm sure only works in my head is to....wait for it......... not cut down trees. Seems reasonable, right but it isn't. This would not work because they need it for business.
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Economics of Cuba

Cuba has a command economy. This means the government controls every aspect of the economy including what to sell, for whom to sell, and how to produce? Three of Cuba's main trading partners are Venezuela, China, and Spain. Venezuela imports oil. That's one of their main imports! They export raw sugar to many other countries. Cuba's literacy rate is 97%. They more than likely lied about that to make their country seem grand. Last, their GDP is 68.23 billion. The U.S. does not know if that true or not but thats all we can rely on.
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