Redbone Coonhound

Poster made by: Grady Toews

Where The Red Fern Grows

A novel written by Wilson Rawls


The redbone coonhound is fairly large dog, an average dog can grow up to 21-27 inches! Its not to heavy compared to us but they can usually weigh up to 50-70 pounds. They defiantly don't live as long as us but for dogs they can live pretty long, their life expectancy is 11-12 years. Most dogs are dark brown and have hazel eyes, and their voice is very loud that carries long distances. These dogs are very athletic and have really good agility. That's why a lot of people use them for hunting because they move very fast and are quick on their feet. People describe them as "cold-nosed" which means that they are really good at following an old or "cold" trail. They don't have to many health problems but one very common one is hip dysplasia, that were the dog's hip joint is improperly formed. It is usually inherited, but it can also happen when the joint is too loose and the dog's leg bone moves too much. Where are they from? they originated in the USA in about the 1800's.

Pictures of the dogs

2009 redbone puppies training video. Pups are 3 months old at time of video.