Luella Ta 9/10/15 7A


Ergonomics is the study of people's efficiency in their working environment. If ergonomics is not used properly, it can lead to MSDs(Musculoskeletal Disorders). Some examples are:

-carpal tunnel syndrome

-back disability

-De Quervain's disease

5 Healthy Digital/Ergonomic habits:

-keeping your back straight

- keep things at your eye level

-try to keep your hands cupped when typing

-sit with your feet flat on the floor (no crossing legs, shift your position often)

-adjust your chair height so that your feet are flat on the floor (if you cannot adjust the height, use a different chair or sit instead)

O.S.H.A. protects You!

O.S.H.A. stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration; it ensures a positive (nonhazardous and sanitary) working environment, enforcing the standards of workplace safety training. O.S.H.A. gives you some rights, some are:

- the right to have sanitary environment

- the right to be protected against health and safety hazards

- the right to have safety standards

" Life is short, emotions are short. Live your life to the fullest; by being a healthy you!" -Luella Ta