Weather is the condition of the outside air or atmosphere at a particular time and place. The higher you get the colder you are the lower you are the warmer you are. A hurricane is a tropical cyclone.Tornados ocurr when thunderstorms happen. Some really bad tornados come from supercells.Did you know in the smokey mountains can frezze about half of the mountain! The sun is so hot you could melt in less than 2 minuates. So now you know some things about weather. Sometimes weather can be weird! But i really want to now how hot the sun is? Also how fast can it drop degrees. How cold can it be in different places? I know it is around-40 in the southpole. it can be around-50 in the northpole. The sun is a little bit more than 700,000 degrees! It can drop degrees so fast it cango from 70-60 in about 1.3 seconds! That is crazy weather!

Weather measurement tools

Metorologist measure weather by tools Thermomiter, rain gauge and other tools! Like a weather vane their are lots of weather tools!