Doctors Without Borders

By:Kayleigh, Brandon & Jordan.

What Is Doctors Without Borders

Doctors without border's is a organization that sends doctors and medical staff to places that are being affected by an outbreak. In Sudan, MSF focuses on providing medical assistance in remote regions with poor access to healthcare, and to people affected by conflict, outbreaks of disease, and natural disasters.
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Medical aid where it is needed most. Independent. Neutral. Impartial.

they don't get their funds from the government

The majority of the doctors without borders funds come from private individuals corporations and foundations no government support since 2002. Other funds are fundraised.

how the doctors without boars help the peolpe in dufer

MSF also donated emergency medical supplies and drugs to El Serafi hospital

they have vaccinate 850,000 people against yellow fever in the north and central darfur states and supported emergency response when the flood of 2012 hit in Al -Gedaref and Sennar states.