Every km/h counts

Don't Speed.

Risk doubles with every extra 5km/h

Many young and inexperienced drivers believe that going 5km/h or even 10km/h over the speed limit is acceptable, cool and is not going to cause harm to others or themselves. Young drivers often have overconfidence and think that they are able to control a car at a the extra amount of speed, statistics show that this is not the case. Deaths due to road crashes are higher in the 15-24 year age group than any other age group. As seen in the graph below, on average when a car brakes it takes 45 meters to stop if they are going 60km/h, but if that car was going just 5km/h more they would be unable to stop at 45 metres and would still be moving at 32km/h at possible impact. This is why speeding is involved in approximately 40 percent of road deaths.
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YOU can save lives!

Speeding affects not just the driver, but also the passengers, innocent road users and pedestrians. Driving just 5km/h less, it can lessen the severity of the crash and even prevent having an accident at all. By not speeding you can save not only your own life or injuries but also everybody around you. Just a few km/h can be the difference between life and death. Putting lives in danger is not 'cool' and acceptable. So check your speedometer constantly, follow speed signs and reduce you speed now!
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By Alex Cairn 10G