internet do's and dont's

by shawn brooks

10 saftey tips for when you are on line

-never give out your full name.

-never give out ANY passwords.

-if anyone ask for personal information (ex. address, schedule, or phone number.)

-never send a photo or video you wouldn't want your parents to see.

-if someone makes you feel uncomfortable on line tell a trusted adult.

-never give out to much information on a blog or even instagram or facebook.

-if someone ask your for inappropriate photos let a trusted adult know immediately (preferably your parents.)

-anybody can find you, make sure your privacy settings are turned to private to keep away predators.

-if someone try's to meet up with you, avoid them at all cost.

-lastly, if someone ask if they can come to your home or if they can pick you up, let a parent know asap.

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you never know who is on the other side of that screen