BCE Library News

Library Lady Leak v. 5

"It tastes like chicken!"

Kids say the funniest things! Here are some funnies compliments of BCE students:

*When reading a book on the five senses, we observed that girls were looking at snails. We went through the five senses to see which senses they were using. When we got to taste we got the obligatory "BLAH", "YUCK" and "EWWW!" After I share that some people eat snails, one little boy turns to his friends and knowingly shares, "Yes, I heard it tastes like chicken."

*Overheard..."Have you heard about this guy named Pope?" They were, of course, talking about Pope Francis.

*When reading the 2X2 wordless book The Girl and The Bicycle, students were asked to predict what idea the girl had to get enough money to buy the bike after watching her brother throwing leaves in the air. The following are some suggestions:

---Make fake money

---steal it

---dig for treasure under the leaves

---get money from her little brother

---ask her parents for money

---and last but not least...sell her brother for money

Shout-out to Mrs. Dinger and Mrs. Roberts for allowing students to work on their summaries of their favorite 2X2 books. Your students are pumped about earning their tags.

Shout-out to students in third, fourth, and fifth grades as they learned to put books in alphabetical order. Lots of great teamwork and encouragement was witnessed.

Shout-out to Mrs. Roper's class as they have been practicing being respectful and it is showing! We love "Yes, Ma'am" in the library!

So many students have been earning their 2X2 tags that I have already placed another order for more!

"A room without books, is like a body without a soul." -Cicero

Local Author, Amanda Mae Ruiz, will be visiting the library.

Amanda is the author of So Big: A Cricket's Journey to His Purpose and formally worked for Katy I.S.D. On Super Specials Day, Mandy will be reading her book to select Kinder-Second grade classes.