The Rams Report

The Pulse of Yorkville Elementary School

A Message From The Principal

Dear Yorkville Families,

The students and staff at Yorkville Elementary have been completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for our school. During the first two weeks in April, students and staff took part in fundraising efforts as part of the Color-a-Thon. Over a ten day period, our school community raised over $36,000. This money will be used to purchase a rock wall, update technology and provide an outdoor education experience. On behalf of Yorkville Elementary staff and students, thank you for your continuous support, generosity and enthusiasm.

Believe it or not...May has arrived and we are approaching the last six weeks of the school year. We are now in the home stretch. In addition to our daily routines and learning experiences, the remaining weeks will be filled with field trips, concerts, musicals, and celebrations. It is sure to be a busy time!

May is also the month that students in kindergarten through eighth grade will take the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) Assessment. This assessment will help us to measure the growth and progress made throughout the year. The testing window opens on May 2nd and runs through May 19th. Not all students will test each day. Rather, each homeroom will have a couple class periods within the window dedicated to the assessment. All students will be tested in the areas of reading and math. Students who miss a test due to an absence will be scheduled for a make-up session. You can help your child do his/her best on each test day by:

1. Making sure, if possible, that your child attends school on the days tests are administered.

2. Making sure your child gets a good night’s sleep the night before testing.

3. Ensuring your child eats a healthy breakfast.

4. Reminding your child to ask the teacher questions if he/she does not understand the test directions

5. Letting your child know that you have confidence in his/her ability to do his/her best .

6. Advising your child to not to worry about the test – just do the best he/she can.

May will hopefully bring us sunny days and warmer temperatures. As students begin to dress for warmer weather, we feel it is important to remind families of the dress code that is outlined in the student handbook. Student dress can have a significant effect on learning and behavior. Therefore, Yorkville Elementary School has implemented a dress code that is designed to allow for personal expression and style while maintaining a positive atmosphere. The dress code allows all members of our community of learners to feel comfortable and to focus on their learning. As a reminder, students and families are asked to follow the guidelines below:

  1. Shorts are allowed, but must be mid-thigh length;
  2. Sleeveless shirts and tops are allowed, but straps must be at least two-fingers wide. This ensures that undergarments do not show.
  3. Shirts and tops must always cover the midsection - front and back.

Students who do not follow the dress code will be asked to change into their gym clothes. If that is not possible, students will be asked to call home.

Again, thank you for your support and involvement!

Mrs. Amy Foszpanczyk

The Reading Corner

Create Your Own Reading Fun!

Research clearly states that children who don’t read during the summer can lose up to three months of reading progress, and this loss has a cumulative, long-term effect.

As parents, how can you encourage reading throughout the summer months? Here are some great ideas!

1. Summer School Programs – Yorkville Elementary offers their Summer Learning Academy filled with academic learning and enrichment!

2. Encourage your child/children to build reading and writing into their everyday activities. Some ways to start this building process would be to introduce a new game to your family and have your child read the directions; while driving in the car, have your child read different signs that appear along the way; use license plates to learn the letters in the alphabet; bake together and have your child read the recipe.

3. Encourage writing. If your family goes on a family adventure, have your child write post cards to their friends, keep a daily journal of their daily activities, or create a scrapbook filled with pictures and treasures collected along the way. Have them write captions under each picture or item that they enter into their scrapbook.

4. Kids blog! Arrange for a safe, closed community so that your child could blog over the summer (involve relatives and friends).

5. Get involved! Have your child participate in community service activities. Your child will gain new skills as well as self-confidence and self-esteem.

6. Geocaching! Families will enjoy a scavenger hunt using a GPS! Another option would be to create a traditional scavenger hunt utilizing handwritten clues to find the treasures!

7. Visit your local library, art museums, and nature parks.

(For more great ideas, check out the following resources:,,, )

April Highlights

The first grade classes have been very busy! Students spent time reading Franklin stories. Then the students wrote their own stories about Franklin to share with the class. They were very proud authors!

Henry Buchanan's dad brought in some baby ducklings for the class to see. Everyone was amazed at how soft they were!

The first graders earned a "Game Day" for reading extra books. The kids had a great time playing together.

Students in Mrs. Torres' class helped to welcome spring by making robin's nest cookies. They looked very real and tasted great!

Ronald McDonald made a visit to Yorkville School. The message he shared encouraged all the students to become everyday leaders. Ronald McDonald mentioned several times throughout the show about how well behaved the Yorkville students were. We are all very proud of that!

Second grade students had the opportunity to participate in a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activity. Students worked with partners to create a basket with a handle. They were only allowed to use newspaper and masking tape. The goal was to create a basket that could be held by the handle for at least 10 seconds while holding two cans of soup. Many teams successfully completed the challenge!

Second graders also participated in Peep Day! Students in Mrs. Sorenson's class received a peep to "take care of " for the day. They each named their peep, and then the class completed peep math activities, peep science experiments, and peep writing activities.

Third grade students had a very exciting month! Both classes traveled to see Slim Goodbody. The students learned about how to be healthy and how to take care of their bodies. We didn't know we had so much talent! Yorkville students were chosen to go up on stage and become part of the show. After learning from Slim Goodbody, the students enjoyed lunch at Culver's.

Students in third grade took part in a science experiment that required them to construct a three story structure out of marshmallows and toothpicks. The goal was to build a structure that could survive a simulation earthquake.

The third graders also had the opportunity to visit Discovery World! Students explored science and technology by completing a roller coaster lab and an introduction to a green screen.

Throughout the entire month of April, third graders participated in a program called Artist-in-Residence. Tanja Martinez organized for local artists to come to Yorkville to teach the third graders about art. They created a special project using metal embossing.

On April 5th, students in kindergarten through sixth grade visited the Inter-Generational Fair. Several retired community members shared their hobbies and collections with the students. Students learned about stamp and coin collections, horses, beading, dog obedience training and magic tricks.

Fourth grade students celebrated Law Day! Two attorneys visited and helped to put on a a mock trial based on Goldilocks and The Three Little Bears. Opening and closing arguments were made and evidence was presented. The class served as the jury and deliberated. When the verdict was returned, students in Mrs. Naegeli's class found Goldilocks guilty of bad manners. The jury from Mrs. Tubbin's class returned a verdict of not guilty. The students asked great questions and did a wonderful job of using evidence to support their findings.

Four Yorkville students are currently participating in LEAD Academy (Leadership Education, Action and Development for Union Grove Area Students). LEAD Academy is a community based program designed to develop caring, empowered and committed youth. The mission is to introduce student leaders to remarkable people in our community. In order to make this a reality, each month students get together to develop leadership skills and to learn about the greater community. This month the Yorkville representatives shared their experiences with the Board of Education. Congratulations to Gavin Gutman, Lilly Beyer, Zach Eifert and Marissa Polzin.

On Friday, April 7, Yorkville's 5th-8th Grade band students performed at the 40th Annual Mass Band Concert at Union Grove High School. Three hundred twenty talented musicians from Kansasville, Raymond, Union Grove Elementary, Union Grove High School and Yorkville worked together to create an amazing sound!

About twenty Yorkville 8th graders participated in the annual Spanish Bee versus Union Grove and Raymond. The Spanish Bee is a friendly definition bee where we challenge students on what they have learned the last couple of years in Spanish. This year, we had many students make it into the top ten; and although a difficult word wiped out the last three from Yorkville, we are very proud of them for making it into the top six. Congratulations to Lindsay Mueller, Savana Rasmussen, and Carlyn Rabe! Great job Rams!

Yorkville students exceeded their fundraising goal for the Color-A-Thon. As a result, the students earned an all-school assembly where they challenged teachers to a "Minute to Win It" competition. It was an afternoon filled with laughter!

Upcoming Events

Please mark your calendars....

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week - May 1st - 5th

2nd Grade Field Trip to Golden Rondelle - May 2nd

Track Meet at Westosha Centraol - May 3rd @ 3:30

News Quiz Competition - May 5th @ 2:00

School Musical - "The Music Man" - May 5th & 6th @ 7:00 at UGHS Performance Center

Joint Board Meeting - May 8th @ 6:30 at UGHS Board Room

7th Grade Field Trip to Rec Plex & Kenosha Museum - May 11th

8th Grade Outdoor Education at Bong Recreation Area - May 11th

4K Muffins with Mom - May 11th @ 10:15 (AM Class) and 2:15 (PM Class)

Color Run - May 12th @ 1:30

Track Meet at Westosha Central - May 16th @ 3:00

Mega Math Meet at UW-Madison - May 18th

PTO Meeting - May 18th @ 6:30 (Library)

School Board Meeting - May 18th @ 7:00 (Room 112)

5th - 8th Grade Spring Band Concert - May 23rd @ 9:45 & 7:00

8th Grade Class Trip to Brewers Game - May 24th

Writing & Art Anthology Reception at UW-Whitewater - May 24th

6th - 8th Grade Field Day - May 25th @ 9:00

3rd - 5th Grade Field Day - May 25th @ 12:30

No School (Teacher In-service) - May 26th

No School (Memorial Day) - May 29th

Band trip to Great America - May 30th

Awards Day - May 31st

K - 3 Field Trip to Milwaukee County Zoo - June 1st

Last Day of School for 8th Grade (Early Dismissal) - June 2nd @ 10:00

8th Grade Graduation - June 2nd @ 7:00 (Large gym)

5K Graduation - June 6th @ 2:15 (Lunchroom)

4K Graduation - June 6th @ 6:00

Last Day of School - June 7th (Dismissal at 11:30)

PTO Update

PTO is planning a Subway Night. Come out to Subway on Sylvania Avenue in Sturtevant between 4:30 and 7:30 on Friday, May 19th to see teachers and staff from Yorkville as they become sandwich artists.

The next PTO meeting will be held on Thursday, May 18th at 6:30 in the Yorkville Elementary Library. All are welcome to attend. Hope to see you there!