Feeding your picky eater

10 suggestions

Respect your child's appetite, Stick to a routine and Be patient with new foods.

  • If your child inst hungry don't force a meal or snack. Don't try to bribe or force your child to eat something they don't like, could only make things worse. Serve meals and sacks around the time everyday. Younger children tend to touch or smell foods or even try a bite then take it out. Encourage them more.

Make it fun, Recruit your childs' help and Set a good example

Serve foods with fun dips or eve give them creative names. You can cut out food in creative shapes as well! When you go to the store, encourage your child to help you shop for foods. To buy things healthy and even let them coo it with you. If you show them you eat healthy they will sometimes follow.

Minimize distractions, Don't offer dessert as a reward and don't be a short order cook.

A way you can take away distractions is turn off the tv, take away the games and just focus on eating. Offering dessert as a reward will send a message to the child that that's the only good food. It may increase them to desire sweets more after every meal. If you make a separate meal for you child if they don't like the first choice may cause small problems. May make them more and more picky. Keep serving healthy foods until they become similar and preferred.

How to feed picky eaters you ask? We have everything you need to know!

Anytime you cook a meal at home, name it something fun for the child. So, they look forward to eating a fin meal! You can even let the child help you cook, makes them involved. Parents you can add fun dips or even shape the food. Rushing in the morning? cut fruits up into a face, to make it fun for them. So they enjoy eating and have fun while doing it.
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