Freedom of Expression

By: Kim Svitak and Aarron Wells


The freedom of expression is a right that Americans received in the passing of the first amendment. This includes the freedoms of speech, petition, press, assembly, and association. Americans have become used to this right, but many countries still struggle to achieve these rights.
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Chinese Writers (Press)

In order for the Olympics in Beijing, China promised to improve their human rights, but once the competition ended those freedoms were quickly revoked. Chinese writers were censored in their articles and many have even been put in jail. Laureate Liu Xiaob, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, is imprisoned today for his opinions in his writing. The organization PEN has the sole responsibility of trying to earn these rights back for writers in China and behind bars.

North Korean Citizens (Speech)

North Koreans are punished for expressing their opinions. Political camps were put into place to punish any citizens that speak out against the government. They have become more severe and are now used to punish those who speak their opinions to make citizens feel less powerful. The government has gone as far as controlling what is on the televisions and radios. All of the news from the televisions and newspapers are directly influenced by the government. There are more than 20,000 political prisoners in these death camps.

Anti-war Russian Citizens (Assembly)

Ever since the election of Vladimir Putin in 1999, the freedom of expression and assembly is being limited. Hundreds of anti-war protesters are put in detentions for protesting against Russian military intervention in Ukraine. People have been targeted, harassed, and intimidated in multiple cities. There continues to be house arrests for activits.

South African People (Petition)

The racism and hatred of those of different backgrounds has been a horrible hardship dealt with by the residents of South Africa. The people of South Africa are being restrained from the freedom of expression and have decided to write a petition to their president. In Their petition they want to be recognized as people of their country, to have a voice. They are looking toward the future and want to receive their individual right again.

Jordan Workers (Association)

In the country of Jordan, the freedom of association has been ratified. However, the government has strict restrictions on this right. Trade unions must have the governments permission to strike, and the government must mediate in the protests. The unions have almost no say in affecting public policy.