Roman vs. U.S Ideas

Citizenship,Law,and Justice

Citizenship belonged to all free,law-abiding people

The rights of a citizen is that they are able to to vote,go to court,own property, write contracts,and hold officials offices-civil and government, and if a child is born in the U.S. to foreign parents, the child automatically has U.S. citizenship as well as citizenship of the parents’ home country.
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Not all people were equal

Women were not allowed to vote or stand for civil or public office. Slaves were property with almost no rights-small chances for freedom. And freedmen were former slaves who had gained their freedom.

Follow the Laws

Marriage,inheritance-what family gets when a member dies,contracts between people

were all laws,They were written in the 12 tables which were writing tablets.

Roman Justice

Natural laws gave every citizen rights which were connected to life,liberty,and pursuit of happiness.


-Fines-pay money


Banishment-have to leave Rome,


Execution if guilty of treason

Patricide-killing your father,was punished by being drowned in a river,

Slaves were beaten harder work,or often crucified were all punishemnts.

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