Improving retail shops in Sembawang

Trying to make it better

What's raging in Sun Plaza?

People seem to always prefer Causeway Point to Sun Plaza, but why is that? Is it because of the fact that Causeway Point attracts more people than Sembawang? Or just the reason that people prefer shopping there?


There is a lot of difference between the shops in Sun Plaza and Causeway Point, perhaps that is the reason why people always seem to prefer Causeway Point to Sun Plaza? Causeway Point does have a lot of shops than Sun Plaza.

Retail shops?

Let's make Sembawang better! :)

Who can we help?

We can help the people living in Sembawang by adding more retail shops so that they do not need to walk all the way to Woodlands just to buy something that Sun Plaza does not have.

What can we do?

We can suggest adding more retail shops in Sun Plaza by asking what shops people want added in Sun Plaza, such as more food stalls or clothing departments. We can talk to the people in charge of Sun Plaza to add more retail shops.

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Why should we improve it?

We should improve it because there isn't a lot of shops currently in Sun Plaza. Sun Plaza may lack the shops people want and the people need to travel to other places in order to buy what they need that isn't in Sun Plaza.

How can we help?

We can all help by bringing awareness to the fact that Sun Plaza does not have enough retail shops and we can help Sembawang attract more people this way if more popular retail shops are added into Sun Plaza.

Where are the places with better retail shops

Causeway Point has better retail shops compared to Sun Plaza, because Sun Plaza lacks amount of retail shops and Causeway Point has way more retail shops than Sun Plaza.