Room 10 News

Mrs. Yeagle's Class

Welcome December!

Many Thanks!

Thank you for coming out last Tuesday for the 3rd and 4th Grade Musical. The kids did a great job and it was such a joy to watch them perform!

Lots to Learn About:

We have been busy the last several weeks working on the following...

  • Students are using Google Classroom to research and record their findings about Winter Holidays. Next week, they will use a Venn Diagram to compare two Holidays and then create an Info-graphic on a Holiday of their choice. This activity incorporates Reading, Social Studies, and Technology all in one. The ;lass is really enjoying the activity.
  • We are also working on Paired Passages, two or more passages with a similar theme or topic. For example, students are currently reading a story called "William's House" and will then read an article about life in the 1800's. Then, they will compare and contrast how life then was different than today and decide which way of life is more challenging and why.
  • In Math, we have been connecting multiplication to division and using different Models to represent the same problem. This quarter, students are required to learn their multiplication facts of 0, 1, 2, 5 and 10.
  • Students will continue to work on their Informational "Expert" piece in Writing. We have been working on developing chapters and subtitles that all connect to each students' topic. Next week, we will have a publication celebrate in the classroom where students will get to share their writing with classmates.


  • AR - Every week students are able to check out 4 books from the LRC. I request that students check out 3 AR books and one free choice. If your child reads an AR book at home and is ready to take a test, please write the title of the book in their Assignment Notebook as a reminder to them to take the test. Thank you for your help in this area. AR is a great way to monitor independent reading at each child's interest and level.
  • No School on Friday, December 12 - Teacher In-service Day
  • Thursday, December 18 - Mongolian Grill Fundraiser (PTO)
  • Thursday, December 18 and Friday, December 19 - Candy Cane Sale.
  • Friday, December 19 - Classroom Holiday Party!

Brrr! It's cold outside. Please remember to send students to school with coats, hats, gloves, and scarves.

Thanks for all you do!

Mrs. Yeagle