Culture Fair Intelligence Test

By: Alli Enyart-Rodriguez

Who was the founder/creator of this test and when was it invented?

  • Raymond B. Cattell, 1930

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Describe the test. What does is measure? What population (age range) is it geared towards?

  • The test has 3 scales with non-verbal visual puzzles. You complete the patterns

  • 4 yr old - high school students or superior adults

  • Measures cognitive abilities that estimate intelligence free from social cultural and environmental influences, to measure fluid intelligence. It measures individual intelligence

What are 3 reasons (the pros) someone should choose to take this test over others?

  • May help identifying learning or emotional problems

  • May eliminate any social or cultural adv./disadvantages that a person may have due to their upbringing

  • Measures your intelligence based on things other than words

What are 3 downfalls (the cons) someone might not want to choose this test?

  • It is a nonverbal test

  • Abilities you must have to physically take the test

  • Is a matter of what you already know

What are 2 other interesting facts you have found about this test?

  • The test is based on pictures

  • Has multiple sub tests