Algonquin Clan

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  • Wigwams were the homes to the Algonquin
  • They were not cone
  • They were hand made
  • They were built from trees and twigs and mud ,hay


  • They grow tobacco because beliefs and for food so they can eat so the have extra food.

  1. They grow squash and other veg's and fruits to stay a live

Some exta things about the Algonquin


  1. They sat at a fire and talked about the michaboo a spirit that they believed in
  2. They also believed in witches
  3. They thought that monsters were real


The government consists of chiefs, ancestors and lumbermen.

The lumberman gather wood for homes to be built with.

Ancestors are known to teach their culture.

The chiefs help control and protect the tribes.


Kwey\hi Pibon\winter Tugwag\autumn Sigwan\spring Nibin\summer Megwetch\thank you madjashin\goodbye

Social organiztion

  • They each have there own animal head for there tribe


Snowshoes during winter to help them get around In the snow.

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