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About Archimedes

Archimedes was a mathematician, philosopher ,and inventor .He was born in Syracuse , Italy on the year 290 CE and died 212/211.He was murdered by a roman solider because he denied to meet general Marcus.He spent most of this time in Egypt.

he found the exact value of PI

the claw of Archimedes

the created the claw to protect the the city wall of the Syracuse from sea attacks

the screw of Archimedes

the screw was to remove the water from a large ship

he found the area of a sphere

the principle of archimedes

the principle of Archimedes talks about the law of physics fundamental to fluid mechanics.


the story of eureka is about Archimedes when he found out about volume he got so excited that he ran home naked shouting eureka which is "i have found it" in Greek


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