6 Traits of Writing

Amaya Mahoney

6 Traits of Writing

  • Chose a topic that interests you and fits your topic
  • Include details such as facts, thoughts/feelings,examples, and statistics.


  • Have a topic sentence
  • Use details (tell me more sentence)


The best writing revels the writers voice- his/her special way of saying things.

Word Choice

  • Use exciting adjectives
  • Use a thesaurus

Sentence Fluency

  • Combine start, choppy sentences into bigger sentences.


  • Use evaluation sheet to revise
  • Edit using C.O.P.S.

Caroline Glaser: "Tiny Dancer" - The Voice Highlight

The Writing Prosses

  1. Prewrite
  2. Draft
  3. Revise
  4. Edit
  5. Publish