The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

Stephanie Deliman

Summary of The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

This is an interesting tale of legends. It leaves you on the edge of your seat. It has everything from a headless Hessian to a woman who screams before a snow storm due to horrifying memories of her death. It truly is a terrifying tale by Washington Irving.The folk tale has carried on through decades scaring those who read it.


1.) Ichabod Crane- tall, narrow shoulders, long arms and legs, small head, green glassy eyes, long nose, gallant –static

2.) Katrina Van Tassel- 18 years old, beautiful, daughter of a Dutch farmer, rosy cheeked, universally famed for expectations --static

the plot events

1.) Ichabod encounters the headless hessian. To escape the death of which the hessian may inflict he runs to the Van Tassels home.

2.) The Van Tassels are hosting a party. Ichabod meets Katrina Van Tassel. He thought she was beautiful.

3.) The second meeting between the Headless Hessian and Ichabod.

4.) The legend is told about the woman who screams before each snow storm due to awful memories of her death.

5.) The third meeting between Ichabod and the headless Hessian when Ichabod tried to go on the bridge.

6.) The story ends with the headless hessian charging after Ichabod.

The theme statement

Things you believe can’t be true, might be.