Mrs. Foulk's News


The week in review-

My heart is so full as this week comes to a close. We have some brilliant kiddos in our room. I have really enjoyed hearing them share their mathematical thinking when it comes to explaining how to solve different word problems.

I have no news on the Cougar Folders. If they are not delivered to the building by the end of next week, I will use a different folder for them to "take-home" every night. I know it is hard to transport papers back and forth between school and home without a folder.

Overall, we had a great turn-out when it came to turning in homework. We have a basket labeled "homework" in our classroom. Extra copies of the nightly homework are kept there as well as extra reading logs for the week. The students turn in their work to this basket as well. We have gone over the expectation that they are to turn in their reading logs and homework assignments every morning. As far as homework, my expectation is that all the homework from the week is turned in by Friday. I highly recommend completing each piece nightly, but I understand that things come up. If you have to skip a night, make sure the student completes it the following night.

I am sending home several copies of both our fiction and non-fiction book reports today. The expectation is that the students complete two a month. One fiction report and one non-fiction report. Students CAN complete this in class but you need to discuss that with them at home so they know.

Words we have harvested:

We read, My Mouth is a Volcano by Julia Cook. Here are some vibrant words the class collected:




Next Week's Topics:

Math: We are going to begin Unit 2 next week. The topics we will be exploring include adding and subtracting within 100 and rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.

Writing: We will begin exploring what it looks like to write an informational text. Students will begin brainstorming topics that they can write about in the form of expository text.

Reading: We will finish our Eve Bunting author study. Our next unit in reading will involve "close reading" periodicals. Close reading involves reading the same text multiple times to develop a deep understanding.

Science: Our first two weeks learning about science will be focusing on the Scientific Method and creating a fair trial. By the end of the week, third graders should be able to explain to you what a hypothesis is.

Moments To Smile About:

"Was ist das?"...During our science tool exploration our brilliant little scientist started saying this German sentence which translates to "what is this? The kids learned a song in music called, "Was ist das?" and used it as they where asking questions about science.

Book Orders

-The last book orders that were sent in will arrive next week.

-The new book orders that are sent home will be due Friday, Sept. 26th.

-If you would like to order them online please go to

Our class code is: LKW66

This Week's Article:

The students read the article linked above. They were asked to decide whether they agreed or disagreed with the decision to ban sugar cookies from the school.

Here are some of their thoughts:

-"I think it's right that the cafeteria days that you can't have them any more in school. Some parents don't like there kids eating sweets."

-"I disagree because It's not fair because we barely get desert at school."

-"I disagree because sometimes we need sweets."

-" I agree with this because they are sugar cookies and sugar makes you hyper."

Interestingly, the class was pretty much split down the middle on whether the cookies should be banned or not.

Ask your student what their opinion was about the article.

Important Dates:

CME Walk-A-Thon: Sept. 19th

Scout Meeting: Sept. 24th- 7 pm