Puerto rico project

by Ashley Cherie Goble


In Puerto Rico tù puedes explores el yunque y playas y tu puedes ir ala deltas o ir a mosquito bay. ( El yungue is puerto rico's rainforest where you can see many of the speices that live there and you can explore the many trails that spred over the forest.

At puerto rico ther are many beaches You can go gliding over the many wonderful views Also you can go to the mosquito bay where there is a natrual phenomenon , meaning when you meet the water with an object the water will glow as you have your hand or anyother object.)

¿Qué puedo hacer en este país ? / Tourist sites

Usted puede ir es la old san juan o visitas museo de arte de ponce o visitas san juan historical site. ( Old san juan is a historical site of about 500 events that took place.) Con mucho bonita la pintura y las esculturas. Tombien tú puedes visitas la museo de arte de ponce donde es a Las Americas Avenue in Puerto Rico.

Sección de Puerto Rico / facts about Puerto rico

(The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan and Español and English are the language spoken.)

Hay tres millones ,novecientos setenta ocho, setecientos y dos las personas vivan en Puerto Rico. (Puerto Rico is a major producer for the manufactored goods, high-technology equipment and pharmaceutics. ) Ustedes (currency) es en americano dòlar.

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( The tradtional foods that served in Puerto Rico is called cocina criolla (Créole cooking) that can be tracked back to the Arawaks and Tainos, the original inhabitiants of the island, who thrived on a diet of cornm tropical fruit and seafood.) Ahora ustedes serven caliante comas como bacalaitos, (crunchy cod fritters surullitos,sweet plump cornmeal fingers, and empanadillas, crescent-shaped turnovers filled with lobsters, crab ,cronch, or beef. )the famous soup you can eat in Puerto Rico is the rijoles negros( black-bean soup) ,Another soup is sopòn de pollo con arroz ( chicken soup with rice) but in some restrants they all taste differant. The main dishes are what calls for spices and blends of herbs.Puerto Rico is a huge fan of fish which they fix with seasonings and spices of different verities and they would be fried.)
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La música y bailes/ music and dances

( One of the things that makes Puerto Rico a great place is the music, they are like america they have many genres of music for example ; they have classical music ,folk music,bomba y plena,salsa, and today's music but there all in Español. For the dancing they wear traditional dresses called jibaro. )
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La ropa / clothing

Tú te pones la ropa es la camisa o la camiseta y la falda o los pantalones cortos,

Clima es caliente. Tienes que pedes llevas en un restrant . ( In certian places in Puerto Rico you cant wear flip flops because it is not the formal shoes to wear there, also during the night they like to go out so they dress up, some places they dont let you in if you are wearing just a shirt and pants and flip flops you have to be dressed formaly .)

5 Helpful words to know when you go to Puerto Rico...

  1. hola-hello
  2. ¿Cuánto es?-How much is it?
  3. ¿Habla inglés?-Do you know English?
  4. ¿Que calle es esta?-what street is this?
  5. ¡Llame a un médico!- call a doctor