Trail of Tears

Yash Patel, Matthew Carter, Alize Rivera, Olivia Versele


The Trail of Tears took place from 1838 to 1839 and was the removal of Cherokee Native Americans catalyzed by Andrew Jackson. These Native Americans east of the Mississipi were forced to move to present day Oklahoma.

View Point of Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson argued that his actions were going to be helpful to the Native Americans. He argued that they would be given more space and although it would be difficult to leave the homes of their ancestors, they would live a happier life in the West.

The Treaty of New Echota

This is the treaty that pushed the Native Americans out West to Oklahaoma. Only 300 of the 500 Cherokee delegates attended and none were selected by the the Cherokee Nation. All land was ceded for a total of 5 million dollars. The treaty was introduced due to the federal government wanting land. This is a social injustice as the true votes and opinions of the Cherokee were not represented in the Treaty of New Echota

Native American Struggle

Around 16,000 Native Americans were forced walk 2,200 miles to their designated destinations out West. Many Native Americans, around 4,000, died to sickness and fatigue. This is an example of social injustice because Native Americans (Cherokee) were forced to leave their homes and perished on the way to present day Oklahoma.
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