Mrs. McCall's Classroom News

September 18, 2016

Calendar and Events


19: Mclass reading assessments continue

28: Early Release 12:30 pm

29: K-2 Daybreak with Dad

29: Field Trip to Arboretum (McCall, McCullough, Gortney)

30: Field Trip to Arboretum (James, McEntire)


7: FALL FESTIVAL 4:00-7:00 pm

Field Trip Change

A note went home on Friday about the date change for our field trip. Our class will now be going on Thursday, Sept. 29. I am so sorry about this unavoidable change! If you had said you were planning to come and will no longer be able to make it, please let me know. Also, all field trip permission and money is due by this Friday. Thanks!

Fall Festival

Raffle tickets to sell for Fall Festival were sent home this past week. Please help support our school with this great fundraiser!

Early Release Day

Students will be dismissed early next Wednesday, Sept. 28. Just a reminder to please send any changes in how your child will go home in writing.


We will focus on practicing our reading fluency this week. Fluency is an important skill for second grade. It means that student's reading voice should sound smooth and have a similar pace to their talking voice. Good expression is also a part of fluency. Fluency is important, because it is very hard to understand something that is not read fluently. Great ways to practice fluency are with text that is a little bit easy, or to do repeated readings of the same text or book. One of my favorite series for practicing reading expression are the "Elephant and Piggie" books by Mo Willems.


Math this week will focus on strategies for solving addition and subtraction problems. Students will be solving a variety of story problems. We will also play the math games we have learned over the past couple weeks that help practice addition and subtraction facts and strategies.

Science and Social Studies

We will spend a lot more time on science this week. Our goals this week will be to learn about weather tools and to observe the weather. We have learned a lot about thermometers in the past week. This week we will add a rain gauge and wind vane to our list of weather tools.