The Lost Hero

By Rick Riordan

This flyer is made by Kyle Kermes

The Setting

The Setting is at a camp called Camp-Half Blood a camp for demigods (son's or daughter's of the Greek gods)

The other setting takes place in California since these three kids are on a quest to save Hera the queen of the gods.

The main characters

The main characters are Jason,Piper,and Leo

Jason-the son of Zeus

Piper-the daughter of Aphrodite

Leo-the son of Hephaestus

Other Characters

The other characters are:

Thalia Daughter of Zeus.

Artemis goddess of the hunt.

Aeolus The god of the winds.

Last but not least all of the monsters that the main characters fought in the book.

What characters did I like and dislike?

I like Leo because he is a jokester like me.

I disliked Medea because she kept saying in a part of the book, "do you want to buy this or do you that."

What happened at the beginning at of the story?

Well this kid named Jason ended up waking up on a bus with no memory, and his bus driver said they are going to the Grand Canyon. Well when they reach there they get into a fight with a monster called a Storm Spirit and they defeat him. Then this girl comes down and from the sky on a Pegasus and takes Jason, Leo, and Piper to a place called Camp-Half Blood.

What happened at the middle of the story?

Well when the three kids get to Camp-Half Blood the campers explain to the three kids that they are demigods(sons or daughters of a Greek god)and they know Jason is a son of Zeus which is very rare.Then there is a prophecy so they have to go on a quest to get Jason's memory from the Hera the goddess of marriage.

What happened at the end of the story?

The three kids are just finishing their quest for the memory of Jason after blowing up a shopping store, killing three giant cyclops, and they are about to save Hera because she keeps sending Jason visions to come and save me in your birthplace which is a mansion. Well they save Hera but the prophecy says that the son of Zeus will die when Hera unleashes her rage. When Hera unleashes her rage you are supposed to keep your eyes closed but Jason didn't do that so he almost dies. At the end they all find out there is another camp for the Roman's the Greek's enemy and they have to unite them or a war will break out.

What was the problem in the story and how was it solved?

The problem in the story was that Hera was trapped and she took Jason's memory so he could find her and save her. They save her because Leo the son of Hephaestus and Piper the daughter of Aphrodite pick the lock on Hera's cage.

What did you learn from the story?

I learned that teamwork helps and you can get jobs done quicker when you have teamwork on your side.

Theme/Main Idea

The main idea is that you can accomplish anything with teamwork!

Do you like this story

Yes I did because it was action packed as well as funny. :D