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January 4, 2016

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From the Boss...

I hope everyone had a safe and Merry Christmas! I hope you all enjoyed your time with your families and friends. I know I did!

  • We will have faculty meeting tomorrow after school. We will be looking at the Spring calendar and meeting in committees to finalize some decisions for upcoming events in the Spring.
  • Spring semester ALWAYS flies by- Be sure to stop and enjoy your students in your classroom. You only have them for 95 more days!
  • Mrs. Bridges and I will be coming to the classrooms to complete teacher observations over the next 2 months. Our goal is to be completely finished by February 29th.

Love you,

Casey Hanna


With the grading period ending on Friday, December 18th, we will have report cards go home on Thursday, January 7th, of the week we return. All teachers must have grades entered into their grade-book by the end of the day Monday, January 4th.

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The Arkansas Department of Education will be coming Wednesday, January 6th to visit our G/T program and Joyce Dalton. We will have several visitors in the building that day.

Keep Joyce in your thoughts while she WOW's them with her G/T knowledge and expertise!

We love you Joyce and know you will do a fantastic job!


The Ed Tech's throughout the district will be at Southside for training on Friday, January 22nd. Mrs. Mahoney will be working and training the Ed Tech's on how she is so successful with her kids and the vast amount of technology she provides them.

Keep Julie in your thoughts while she WOOES them with her Tech knowledge and expertise!

We love you Julie and know you will do a superior job!

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Teachers, please remember to upload pictures to your folder on the google drive. So please, please upload any pictures you have. If you do not know how to upload the pictures to the google drive, you can just text (501-247-8802) them to me. Thanks for helping make the yearbook great; I can't do it without you!



4- report card need to be entered

5- PTO Meeting (CANCELED)

6-Arkansas Department of Education to visit G/T program

7- Fire & Tornado Drill

Report cards go home

8- PAW Pride Assembly

12- Embedded Session #4

14- RTI Meeting

18- No school (possible snow day)

19-21 Casey will be out for Master Principal

22- PAW Pride Assembly

G/T Quiz Bowl

Ed Tech will be in the building for training

28- Casey at Admin. Meeting


2-Faculty Meeting

3- Fire and tornado Drills

5-PAW Pride Assembly

Power Panthers

9-Embedded session #5

12-Power Panthers

15- No school (Possible snow day)

17- K-Kids to the nursing home

18- RTI

19- PAW Pride Assembly

23- PTO Skate Night at Joyland Skating Rink 5:00-8:00 pm

25- Lori and Casey will be at Admin meeting

3rd grade 1st Electric Show

26- Power Panthers


1- Faculty Meeting (Dr. Thurman will be in attendance)

Embedded session #6

4- PAW Pride Assembly

8- Fire Drill

10-RTI Meeting

14th, 15th, and 17th- P/T Conferences

15- Lifetouch Spring Pictures

17- PAW Pride Assembly

18- No School

21-25 Spring Break

31- Casey at Admin Meeting


1-PAW Pride Assembly

5th, 6th, 7th- ITBS State Testing for 1st and 2nd graders

7th and 8th Muffins for Moms

12- 3rd grade G/T Field Experience

15-PAW Pride Assembly

18th and 19th ACT Aspire State Testing for 4th graders

20th and 21st ACT Aspire State Testing for 3rd graders

21st and 22nd Donuts for Dads

28-Casey at Admin Meeting


Fitness Frenzy Week!

2- Kindergarten

3-1st grade

4-2nd grade

5-3rd grade

6-4th grade

2-Fire Drill

5-RTI-Retention Meeting

10-RTI-Retention Meeting

20- CHS Graduation

25- Last Day of School



April 5-7

ACT Aspire

April 18-19 4th Grade

April 20-21 3rd grade