Walk two moons

by Sharon Chreech


Walk two moons by Sharon Chreeh, is about a 13 year old girl named Salamanca Tree Hiddle who lived in Bybanks Kentucky and moved to Euclid Ohio. When her mothers birthday is around the corner Sal and her grams and gramps go on a crazy road trip to Idaho. Along the way Sal tells stories about her best friend Phoebe and her wild life.

Thesis: foreshadowing

Through this novel the author foreshadows and gives numerous clues to the unexpected ending of all three of the characters.

The true relationship of Mike Bickle

Sharon Chreech gives us numerous clues to tell us Mike is Mrs. Winterbottoms son. When we first meet Mike in Walk two moons he is looking for Mrs. Winterbottom, when Mike rang the doorbell to the Winterbottoms house, he was surprised to see Phoebe. Mike says " I want to see Mrs. Winterbottom is she here or what" (pg.43) Mike says this because he wants to meet is birth mother for the first time and doesn't want anyone to know who he really is. Another clue is when Mrs. Partridge says "Oh Phoebe I think I met your brother" (pg.193) Phoebe does not know Mike is her brother so she is awfully confused. At the end of the book Mike is introduce to his family.

Sal's moms death

Who new that Sals mom died. Sharon Chreech gives us numerous clues to tell us that she is dead. In the beginning of Walk to moons Sal and her father get a message saying she won't be coming back. " On the night we got the bad news -that she was not returning" (pg.3) What the message in the book is trying to tell us is that Sals mom is not coming back. When she and her grandparents are on the road Sal pictures them steering off the road like her mother on the bus. " I could see our car bursting through the railing and plunging down the cliff. As we approached each curve, I could see us smashing straight on into a truck or a camper. Every time I saw a bus I watched it it sway. I watched it tires spin dangerously close to the gravel at the road's edge. I watched it plunge on, eating up the road, defying those curves." (pg.227) Sal thinks all of this because she remembers how her mother died, and how she doesn't want to happen to her. Also Sal thinks this because she is afraid of all the things that her mother went thought like losing a baby, and being killed by a bus accident.

Grams Death

Huzza huzza, Grams death was a shocker to everyone. Sharon Chreech gives numerous clues to tell us that Grams is going to die. Even though we only saw Gram in the car, all of us got attached to her. When everyone was in the car on the way to Idaho Grams voice as raspy. " Gram tried to say Huzza huzza but she could not breathe well. Huz- huz- she rasped." (pg.144) Gram's voice is not doing so well she was so happy to see the badlands she was trying to say Huzza huzza but her voice wouldn't let her. After a while in the story Gram was not doing well so they went to the hospital to see whats up. "Im sorry to say our gooseberry died at three o' clock this morning" (pg.276) sadly to say that Gram passed away this was a tragic way to see her go.


Along the way the author gives clues about Mikes true relationship with Mrs. Winterbottom, Sals moms death, and Grams death. Though the clues were hard to hear, it made the reader more curious about what was going to happen in the future. Sharon Chreech gave foreshadowing at the big events in the story. They were hard to see but they gave you subtle hints on what is going to happen next in the story.

By Emma Peirano