Stallion Star Gazette

May 2016 Edition

Bunny Island

by Amelie

Bug and Dogfin woke up from their slumber excited on what they would do that very day. They searched for the map Bug’s father made of a secret island called Bunny Island. It was called Bunny Island for it’s appearance, it was somehow shaped like a bunny! Bug and his pet dog & fish hybrid jumped up, grabbed their map, and sprinted to their secret portal behind their closet. WHOOSH! went the portal.* * * a few minutes later…

They were finally on Bunny Island, they were surprised that they had landed in the World of Knowledge. The portal only led to places that were in trouble and only appeared if the problem was solved. This could only mean one thing: someone had messed with history.

Dogfin swam through the air to the Lake of Letters to seek for a secret passageway to the door to wishes near the Never-Ending Forest of Doom. Bug gave a hybrid translator to Dogfin so they could discuss their plan.* * * a few minutes later…

Dogfin swooshed underwater digging with her paws and dusting off some letters with her new tail that appeared from the water. As she kept on digging and dusting, a strange looking portal appeared. Dogfin called for her owner from underwater and nearly swallowed two gallons of letters. Bug hopped up hoping that she would survive from being underwater for so long. Dogfin noticed and gave Bug a bubble necklace that held air for Bug to breath in. WHOOOSH! went the portal as Bug and Dogfin walked in. * * * a few minutes later…

Boom! They landed in the Never Ending Forest of Doom. they walked until they saw a very, very angry girl. Fairy Pirate, the princess of pirates, suddenly smiled.”There you are for all these years! I waited and waited but you never showed up. Last time I saw you, I was 5 years old. If you want to save time I can tell you who did it. A spirit whom the Realm of Possibility Banished.”The was never heard from.From. From. From.From.From. STOP SPIRIT!!!!!!! Now. Sorry.The Spirit attacks a lot.If I ever told you, the spirit is my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great,great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, grandpa’s cousin’s friend.Phew!He wanted to get back at our family. Now, you must be waiting for the well. 3 steps forward then turn right.Here’s the key. I trust you. Good luck!!!”said Fairy. Bug and Dogfin raced towards the tiny well.Bug noticed a new gem on the well.”Whaa?!” said Bug .”Hey! if you don’t like it ,you don’t have to go to through the well.”said Fairy snatching back her key.” “ I Like it “ said Bug trying to pull out the key.” Fine, but you better not be lying!!!” said Fairy.

BAM! CRACK! BOOM! Bug,Dogfin, and Fairy hopped in the portal suddenly appearing in the Realm of Possibilities’ Door to Everything.BOOM!!!!! “They were in front of the king?!The door sent you here, it is no surprise Bug, Dogfin, and Fairy?!”said the king.“King Unpredictable!” said Fairy as she hopped on the king’s lap urging him to scream loudly. “ JUST GET OFF!!!”said the king. “IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE ISLAND FROM REVERSING TIME, GET A GOLD POSSIBILITY (which is rare) AND THROW IT AT THE BAD GUY!!! And please, GET OFF!!!” “Okay, but how do we get there?” said fairy sliding off his lap. “Use your wand of course, and Fairy, my name is now King Possibility.” said the king trying to cool off. “Bibbity bobbity boo!” said Fairy as they appeared in the cinderella story. “SERIOUSLY!”said Fairy pointing to the sky. “Ohhhh. That was the spell.” said Fairy. BAM!!!! Everyone, including the king were in front of the special gold possibility. WHIRL!! The spirit laughed like a maniac as he appeared and got sucked in the possibility destroying the spirit forever. After many twists and turns, Bug, Dogfin, and apparently Fairy had saved the island from the evil spirit.

Movie Reviews

“Star Wars VII:The Force Awakens” by C.J. and Layton



"Star Wars:The Force Awakens" is about a girl named Rey, who meets a droid named BB-8. Later in the story a defecting stormtrooper named FN-2187(Finn) crash lands in the middle of Jakku. He travels across the land of Jakku and finds Rey. Together they try and face a new bad guy named Kylo Ren (Ben Solo). Will they win, or will they lose?


In my opinion Star Wars: The Force Awakens is rated a nine thumbs ups out of ten. I thought it was a good movie but it had some mysteries, theories, and cliff hangers. It introduces us to new names,characters,places and things. Some people liked it, some people didn’t. Also Spoiler alert: HAN SOLO DIES!!!


I liked the movie. It didn't really catch my eye at first, but it got interesting later in the movie. It had plenty of things you will enjoy in the movie. My favorite side was the resistance. They have a lot of faith and I have always liked the good team. I would give it a eight out of ten, because I didn't really get the point they just look for BB-8 and there just trying to find half the key to Luke Skywalker that's in BB-8, the rest of it is in R2-D2.

"Zootopia" by Mariam


"Zootopia" is made by Disney Pixar. "Zootopia" is a place where prey and predators live together. There’s this little bunny who wants to become a police officer but no one believes in her. She follows her dream and does it but her boss makes her a meter maid. Animals are missing. Together, a fox and the bunny solve the mystery.

FUN FACT: The movie "Zootopia" is called "Zootropolis" in the UK.


Rating: 10 out of 10

I think the movie was great. It was funny and it had a lesson. The predators were demoted because the prey of Zootopia. They thought that the predators’ DNA was coming back. The bunny was feeling really bad. My favorite part was when Officer Hops found the REAL culprit. I love the idea of prey and predators living together.


Rating: 10 out of 10

I think this movie is mind blowing. Disney has created a movie never ever made before. This movie is very emotional and humorous. I loved the idea of replacing humans to animals. This movie is so good I almost cried.The song in the end of this movie totally changed my personality. It is basically about a bunny cop that totally changed Zootopia.

"The Jungle Book" by Lakshmi


"The Jungle Book" is a scary, funny and adventurous. "The Jungle Book" is based on the book. It is about a boy named Mowgli and he was raised by wolves. There is a tiger and he thinks man cubs are a danger to this forest.Then Mowgli has to go to the man village and live there by himself. He does not want to live by himself so he goes with Bagheera the black panther. Bagheera is in a big fight with Sher Khan the tiger.


Rating: 7 out of 10

I give the movie "Jungle Book" 7 stars because it was pretty good. It was sad when Mowgli’s dad died. It was funny when the bear got introduced to the movie. I feel like Mowgli is creative because of his ‘tricks’. My favorite part was when Mowgli defeated Sher Khan.


Rating: 9 out of 10

I give Jungle Book 9 stars because it is good plus adventurous. I also think this movie is scary. I love how Mowgli is brave. It is nice for Baloo and Bahgeera to save Mowgli from the monkey castle. My favorite part is when Baloo was singing his song of life in the river and when Mowgli was helping Baloo for hibernation. I do not like the part where Sher Khan killed Akila and threatened the mother wolf to give up Mowgli.This movie is close to my heart.

The School Carnival!

by Shreya

On April eighth, we had our school carnival. At the carnival we had hamster ball races, a cake walk and face painting. Mrs. Cassidy’s class piled up their tickets and bought Tornado’s cousin to give to Mrs. Cassidy. The hamster ball lines were so long! There was Kona Ice,Chick-Fil-A, and some food trucks. I think this was the most fun we have ever had at a school carnival.

Movie Trivia

by Amelie, Mariam and Shreya


~answers at the end~

Movie #1

  1. There are three MAIN characters

  2. They meet a family on the way to Orlando

  3. They are trying to steal something for a reward


Movie #2

  1. They live in San Francisco most of the movie

  2. There are six important characters

  3. Five of the characters are different personalities that keep the other main character together


Movie #3

  1. He becomes a teacher

  2. The main character is an animal

  3. They go to a different realm


Movie #4

  1. The title is named after a food

  2. The main character is a outcast

  3. There are 2 different stories going on in the movie


Movie #5

1.There is a droid who has a map to a well-known-legendary hero

2. It is one of many in a series

3.One of the hero's used to be working for a bad guy who is related to an even worse bad guy

4.One of the characters get something that belongs to the legendary hero

D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself!)

Doll Clothes by Mariam


-decorative sock


-a doll to try it on

  1. Decide what you want it to be. It can be a dress, pants, a shirt, a sweater, really anything. I’m doing a dress.

  2. Cut at two tiny slots at the bottom and two tiny slots at the sides.

  3. Add any extras if you want.

  4. Put it on! Put the legs in the bottom slots and put the arms in the slots on the side.

Duct Tape Wallet by Lakshmi

Hey guys! I will show you how to make a duct tape wallet!


  • Decorative duct tape

  • scissors

  • Ruler

  • pencil/pen

  • A dollar

Take your dollar and measure it with the duct tape it should probably be 7 or 7 ½ inches. Cut out 4 of the strips. Take two pieces and stack them facing the sticky part. Next, make one more of that set. Cut two more pieces of duct tape. Lay out the ones you stuck. Put the first one out and put the second one on the bottom of the first one. Take the one you did not stick and stick it between. Flip it over and repeat. Make one more like that. Cut one more piece,and stick it to the bottom. Measure the width of the tape piece and cut two of those measurements and tape to the sides. After that fold it in half and you are done!

Manta Island

by Mariam

Beware! You are now entering Jagwire Jungle. Jagwires do not like visitors.

“Huh?” My sidekick Johny- Boy asked. “Must be a typo,” I assured her. “Let’s go in.”

Johny-Boy tugged on my shirt. “ Polly, it’s dark in here.” she said. “ Ya think I don’t know?” I replied nicely.

A four legged creature that appeared to be made out of wire leaped in front of us. It had red, glowing eyes. We ran and lost it.

Johny-Boy shielded her eyes from the daylight. “We’re out!” she exclaimed in delight. She marched forward. I heard a shrill scream. “ Johny-Boy! Johny-Boy! Where are you?” I called out. All that answered me was silence.

I looked around. I saw a sign near a lagoon. Lagoon of Fear. All Your Worst Nightmares Come True.

A horrible thought came over me. Johny-Boy was in there. The unicorn and a robot popped out of the lagoon. Johny-Boy was on the unicorn. Wait. Was this her worst nightmare?

Suddenly, the robot barged at them and ate them alive. I was worried but I was also laughing to death. A robot ate a unicorn? Oh, and it also ate my sidekick. I sighed. “ I’ll need a screwdriver.”

I reached into my pocket, got a screw driver and got to work. I took the back off the robot and pulled Johny-Boy out.

“Polly!” She said. “You forgot the unicorn!”

“ Whatever. C’mon.” I said and we kept on our mission.

“Hey!” Johny-Boy said. “Look!”

“Don’t show me anything if it is not important to the discovery of this island.”


“Oh, OK.”

We sat down on the dead grass. “ I made a discovery!” Johny-Boy exclaimed. “ It’s called M-A-N-T-A island.”

“Lemme see!” I studied it carefully. “ The purpose of this map is probably to get to ‘Secret City’. There is a Well of Wishes there.”

“ I want to wish for a unicorn!” Johny-Boy exclaimed. “No! We need to get home.” I told her. “Aw, man!” She answered.

“ So, according to this,” I said, looking down at the map. “ We’ve past Jagwire Jungle, where we entered, and the Lagoon of Fear.”

“Where I fell in,” Johny-Boy added. “ So now we go,” She paused to look at the map. “Through The Forest of Laughing Trees.”

I let out a shrill scream. “Don’t be such a baby.” Johny-Boy snapped.

We trotted towards The Forest of Laughing Trees. It seemed normal until the hysterical laughing started.

We started screaming. “C’mon. We have to get through.” I told her.

“That was scary!” Johnny-Boy said.

“And you said I was such a baby.” I replied.

“What next?” Johnny-Boy asked.

“Well, there’s a Swamp of Doom but I don’t think we need to go there. I think we should go to the Crazy Craters.”

“Not more of that stuff.”

Once we got to the Crazy Craters, we saw a sign. By the words I could make out, it said ‘Manta Rays! Use lotion’. A bucket of white oozy stuff immediately appeared.

“What are you waiting for? Put some on.” Johnny-Boy ordered.

“What if it’s not safe?” I worried.

“Would you like to be Manta Rayed?”


I reluctantly put on the lotion while Johnny-Boy was happily rubbing her face with it. Once we were done, we started climbing up the craters.

“Hurry up!”, I called out.

“I can’t! I’m too tired!”, she called back.

I waited until she caught up to me and hoisted her up on my shoulders. She whacked my head and called “Yeee-haa!”.

Once we got up, we heard an evil laugh. We saw a short man in a black cape. His dark eyes twinkled.

“And who might you be?” he asked in a rough voice.

“Uh…” Johnny-Boy began. We’re just tourists”, I said.

“We don’t get many visitors around here. Very well. You may pass”, he finally said.

We walked down the crater quickly.

“What’s that?” John-Boy asked, pointing to a river with lightning shooting out of it.

“Well,” I said pausing to look at the map. “According to this, what you were looking at was Ray River and that lightning you saw were Manta Rays.”

“OK. Let’s go, Polly.”

“Hey, look! I found a bridge.”

We crossed the bridge, aware that it was not very sturdy. “That was fast”, I concluded.

We saw a short man come toward us. His dark eyes twinkled.

“Hey, you are the man from the crators”, I said.

“Look, kids. It’s not safe here. You’ve got to go.” He said quietly.

“But we’re on a mission! And we’re this close to Secret City!” Johnny-Boy said desperately.

“ We need to get to the Well of Wishes and wish to get home.” I said more calmly.

The man from the craters was silent for a moment. Then he said, “Call me Uccino. I’ll help you get to the Well of Wishes if you promise to tell no one about Manta Island.”

“We promise.” I answered for both of us.

Together, we walked up Haunted Valley. “What’s that?” I pointed to a frozen red liquid.


“What is it?”

“Frozen blood and broken bones.”


“After everything you saw here, you would think you’d find frozen blood and broken bones.”

We went all the way down the valley, careful not to step on frozen blood.

Once we got down, Uccino screamed, “Yahoo! We’re at Secret City!”

Johnny-Boy and I did the same.

“Yahoo! Secret City! Yeah!” we danced.

“Kids, get home safely.” He said, and disappeared.

Field Day

by Mariam

Time for field day! It’s on Friday, May 20th. Be sure to bring an extra pair of clothes ‘cause you’re going to get wet! There are going to be water games, a slide and many more class games. There is also competing, like in tug of war and the obstacle course. There will be races, relays and surprises!

Sommer School Store

by Shreya

Fourth grade TAG math is starting a school store. Be sure to come! A few things we are selling are dry erase markers, mechanical pencils, and a lot more. We will be located in front of the trophy case. But wait, we aren’t open yet! So don’t check tomorrow! We should be open soon-- if you don’t see us by the end of the school year, check next year. Wait, did I mention that we will sell felt tip pens?!?!

Summer Activities

by C.J. and Layton

Hot or cold Summer weather--either way you can have fun. Outdoors or indoors--you can still have fun. There are many activities you can do during the Summer, but these are some of the best ways to have fun:

  • First of all, sports. It is great exercise and fun! You can play baseball, soccer, football, basketball, golf and more.

  • Going on vacations is fun and relaxing-- Disneyworld or Disneyland, or you can go to a different state or country.

  • Last you can go to the library and read books. It is good for your brain to read, so you should read a lot! It also helps your brain stay on track for school.

There are many things you can do in the summer, but if you want to stay healthy, play outside!

Movie Trivia Answers

by Amelie, Mariam and Shreya

  1. “Minions”

  2. “Inside Out”

  3. “Kung Fu Panda 3”

  4. “The Peanuts Movie”

  5. “Star Wars the Force Awakens”

Image of stallion by Arsdelicata (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons