You're Not The Only One

Julia M.

What years were you in middle school?

I interviewed my mom. She went from 1979-1982

What kinds of music, movies, and fashions were popular at the time?

Disco, Saturday Night Fever, and bell-bottom jeans.

What were your favorite activities in middle school? What were your hobbies and interests?

"I didn't do any activities , but I did like to dance for fun"
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What job/interests/activities do you have now? Is there a connection between what you liked back then and what you enjoy today?

Hair dresser. And no not really.

What was the best part of middle school?

"It made me feel like I was older."

What was the worst part?

Taking swim.

How would you describe your middle school self?

"Popular, funny, friendly, and pretty"

What advice about growing up would you give to kids my age?

"School work first. Life is hard."

Who was your first middle school crush?

"His name was Peter Insana."

Who was your all time favorite middle school teacher?

Mr. Tobin