Corps of Discovery


John Baptiste

  • John Baptiste, was Sacagawea's son that was born on the Corps of Discovery.
  • He was born while they were all tucked away at Fort Mandan during the winter.
  • John was very close to Clark who nicknamed him "Pompy".
  • Only lived to 61
  • Was born on the trip

Mariwether Lewis

  • Was very close to Thomas Jefferson
  • Very skilled
  • Only three days into the trip he almost lost his life while exploring
  • Sometimes during the trip he would get very moody

William Clark

  • Was appointed to make a map of the land
  • kept a faithful journal
  • skilled when making indian negotiations


  • Helped the Corps of Discovery get horses
  • Made trades with them
  • Shoshone made friends with the Corps of Discovery through Sacagawea

York (Slave)

  • York was Clark's childhood companion
  • Very athletic
  • Great dancer
  • He wasn't underrated on the trip he was an actual member

Seaman (Lewis' dog)

  • Was bought for $20
  • Bought to accompany
  • Helped explore
  • Supposedly he helped the team in a bear attack

Great Falls

  • One of the most challenging spots
  • Known as the "grandest" places
  • Lewis incountered a bear here
  • Many people were sick here also


  • used daily for hunting, and food
  • Different firearms like a musket
  • Most men had their own firearms including Lewis and clark

Teton Tribe

  • Gave Corps a lot of trouble
  • they were generally ill looking and small
  • hosted Corps during their three day stay

Clark's Journal

  • Was used to draw and tell about discoveries
  • Held daily entrees
  • made a map of the land
  • used to describe certain foods, plants and animals