Made By: Isabella Gomez

Vitamin A

Food-Carrots, kale, butter, sweet potato, egg yolk, melon and liver

Works-It is used for many reasons but some is sight and DNA translation

Vitamin B1

Food- Asparagus, beans, pork, watermelon and yeast

Works- It tends to the nervous system, it also turns some foods into energy

Vitamin B2

Food-Eggs, milk, yeast, liver, leafy greens and enriched flour

Works- By removing electrons it breaks down carbs, proteins and fat for our body

Vitamin B3

Food- Yeast, meat, mushrooms, legumes and coffee

Works- It helps create hormones and repair our body's DNA

Vitamin B5

Food- Liver, yeast, leafy greens, sweet potato, egg yolk and avocados

Works- Helps your body make red blood cells and converts food into "fuel"

Vitamin B6

Food- Fish, poultry, avocados, non-citrus fruits and potatoes

Works- It helps allow oxygen into the blood it also breaks down carbohydrates into energy

Vitamin B7

Food- Yeast, liver, egg yolk, nuts

Works- It makes glucose that can be sent to wherever energy is needed most

Vitamin B9

Food- Avocados, beans, mangos, spinach and yeast

Works- It creates and copies RNA and DNA for your body to have

Vitamin B12

Food- Fish, poultry, red meats, fortifiec foods, eggs, cheese and milk

Works- It helps make DNA, blood and the myelin sheaths around your nerves

Vitamin C

Food- Bell peppers, broccoli, citrus fruits, kale, kiwi, strawberries and tomatoes

Works- It's a water-soluble vitamin and too much won't hurt unlike some other vitamins

Vitamin D

Food- (Sun), oily fish and fortified milk

Works- It absorbs calcium which makes your bones stronger

Vitamin E

Food- Leafy vegetables, vegetable oils, nuts and whole grains

Works- It neutralizes harmful free radicals, it's also involved in some gene making

Vitamin K

Food- Leafy vegetables, vegetable oils and bacteria

Works- It helps bind the calcium and make your bones stronger