Hurricane Sandy

By Mayank Raj


Hurricane Sandy started of as a tropical storm but by the time it hit the U.S on October 22, 2012 it was a category 2 storm. People in the zone A (Area below sea level)had to evacuate.
Hurricane Sandy 'Perfect Storm' East Coast Storm Track: Could Hurricane, Winter Storm Strike U.S.?

Effect on wildlife

The powerful winds from Sandy had blown many sea birds inland and that had cause them to end up in unusual places sometimes hundreds of miles away from their home habitat. Species of birds such as gannets, gulls and petrels are often picked up by hurricane-force winds and are pushed far distances with little ability to resist. With Sandy, most of the Fall migration is over for the year but there were still some birds such as scoters and cormorants making their way to warmer waters and weather. And, sometimes younger or weaker birds become separated from their flock and many can take days and weeks to return home


Almost 60 million people didn't have electricity during this storm. About 150 people died because of this superstorm. School was canceled for about 2 million children.

Food and water

Because many people did not have electrcity during and after the storm. Because of this refrigerators did not work and food got spoiled. Water system and underground water pipes got destroyed. It took a very little time to get that all fixed.

Effect of Superstorm Sandy

Sandy caused about 75 billion dollors of damage. Many people on the Eastern Coast of the U.S., Cuba, Canada and Haiti lost there homes and jobs.


More than 60 million people did not have electricity. They had to rely on candles and generators. But the lines to get gas to run the generators were very long. Gas Stations were destroyed.


This hurricane was very similar to hurricane Esther(1961). Esther had also hit new york and combined with a cold front.
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Abiotic and biotic

There was a lot of beach erosion. Also the flooded water destroyed many house.

The wild life was also effected. Mentioned Above.