By: Brianna Hildreth

Things You Need To Know

.True friendship is hard to find.

. Friends are the special people that talk to you when you are feeling alone, no matter what. This is also the person who helps you with youre homework even if she hasn't had a chance to look at her own. They are the one who would do embarrassing things to help you such as looking for a retainer in the trashcan.

. Every thing counts to this friendship. Dedicate everything you got and they will do the same.

.They never turn their back on you.

. They are always there for you in your worst moments, even if this includes holding your hair back when you are puking.

. Do nice things for youre friends to keep the relationship even.

. There is only one or two good friends that you will run into and they stand from the rest.

. They are the one that you can ask when you have an situation and don't know what to do.

. They take your side and protect you from bullies.

. They can last forever.