Getting Ready for School 2023!


Lion Families,

The 2023-2024 school year is about to begin, and we are looking forward to our students returning for this school year! We missed them!!!!

This newsletter contains important reminders and updates related to our school district policies and procedures. We ask that you take time to read through the information provided and discuss the changes with your children prior to the start of school.

To review important information for this year's school year, please take time to listen to this year's 1st edition of the Lion's Minute for 2023 - 2024. Dr. O'Neil, the District Superintendent, reviews where and how to find important information for the 2023 - 2024 school year.
Please take time to review the changes in arrival / dismissal traffic patterns. We are preparing for construction to begin for our new Early Childhood Center. This WILL impact our School 4 / LHS current arrival / dismissal practices from this point forward.
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Most family communications/information will be sent via email by way of our Parent Portal. You may also hear it referred to as "Real Time." This is our global communication system.

The District is able to telephone, email, and text families through this system in both English and Spanish.

Your updated contact information is essential, and you are able to identify how you would like to receive this information.

Please be sure that you share your most up-to-date email/cell phone/phone number in your Parent Portal so that you don't miss any information sent out to our families.

**Note: If for some reason you're not getting our emails, please be sure to check your spam/junk folder and to check your privacy email settings. If this continues to be a problem, please contact your child's school. We are happy to help you.

Our school has adopted The “I Love U Guys” Foundation

Standard Response Protocol (SRP).

Students and staff will be training, practicing, and drilling the protocol a minimum of two times per month. You are able to review the language we use by referencing our website and

the below family handouts.



●Following every school emergency drill, your child’s school will communicate with families via the Parent Portal, the school’s notification system. All families should make sure their most up-to-date contact information is recorded in our information system (email, home phone, and cell phone number for text messages).

●In the event of an emergency, PLEASE refrain from communicating school related emergency information on social media. It is important to understand the school district must first make sure our students and staff are safe. After ensuring everyone’s safety, we will then communicate with our families. Please trust, in the event of a true emergency or real safety/security concern, the school will accurately communicate with the community as soon as we are able. In a real emergency situation, it is essential that all communication IS complete and accurate. Unapproved school related social media communications have the potential to spread false information / rumors which can result in unnecessary alarm, panic, and chaos.

●Teachers will NOT be permitted to share information of any kind during an actual emergency. Therefore, teachers and staff will not be permitted to send out emails, texts, or social media posts (including Dojo updates). If you contact a teacher during an emergency, that staff member will not be permitted to respond back to you until the emergency has ended. Staff will be happy to respond once the situation has been resolved, and they are given permission to do so. Again, sharing unconfirmed and unsubstantiated information can result in unnecessary alarm, panic, and chaos.

●Students will be instructed NOT to communicate from their cell phones during a real emergency. This is how rumors and false information circulates through communities and social media. However, if you receive a message from a student during an emergency drill / situation, please avoid the temptation to share that information on social media. Spreading false or partial information during an emergency does more harm than good. It incites unnecessary panic.

Often, the school and law enforcement agencies are working from different sources of information – up-to-date and current information which often differs from what has been posted on social media. Please resist the temptation to assume social media information – not published by the school district or law enforcement agency - is 100% accurate.

●In a real emergency or safety / security situation, the district would work in conjunction with multiple agencies: law enforcement and first responders. It is important to keep in mind all of the agencies who would be coordinating services/resources. This form of communication does take longer to organize. At the same time, district staff must prioritize communicating with the families of those students / staff directly involved before communicating with the community at large. We ask for your grace, patience, and understanding.

●Please keep in mind, if you choose to call the school to obtain information, there will be many other families doing the same. You may not be able to reach someone in the office right away because staff may be fielding an abundance of phone calls. Some of our offices only have one or two individuals available to “man the phones.” Please be patient with us as your call is important to us, too.




District Safety Information is also posted on our district website.

There are many important notices for all families to review. This page will keep all of those notices in one place for you. Some of the information you will find: health information, media release forms, food service information, dismissal supervision information, etc.
You can find the Superintendent's Welcome Back Letter to all families posted on the below page. This letter was also included in the summer mailing which you should have received by now. If you have not received it, please contact your child's school.
The Lindenwold School District has temporarily suspended its uniform policy. This year the District will be engaging in a dress code pilot. For more information, please see below:
Water bottles are permitted in all of our schools. However, it is important for water bottles to be made of PLASTIC - not metal.

1. All students in grades 5 - 12 MUST wear their school IDs every single day to school.

2. Elementary student IDs will be secured to the child's bookbag. The school will help to secure them.

3. "DROP OFF" locations will be provided in the safety vestibules of our schools. If a child forgets their homework, lunch box, or school project, you may drop them off to school. The school will ask families to leave the item in the designated location contained within the safety vestibule.

4. Anyone entering our school must be prepared to provide proper identification. Please be prepared to show this information upon arrival.

5. It is important to understand student information will only be shared with the actual custodial parent / guardian. The school is unable to share student information with anyone other than those individuals who have custody of that child. Emergency contacts may pick-up a child; however, emergency contacts are not privy to student related personal information.

6. If you see something, say something. The District has implemented an app called STOP IT which can help you in reporting concerns. You may also contact any staff member to report a concern.

7. Door Dash, Uber Eats, and other food delivery services are NOT permitted to be used by students at any time during the school day. Any food service representative who arrives at school will be turned away. This is a breach to security. Please communicate this information with your children. In the event the student is still charged, the school is NOT responsible for the financial loss.

8. No student or staff member will be permitted to allow any visitor to enter the school using a side door. ALL visitors, including family members, MUST enter through the main office and MUST present proper identification.

9. Hoods/baseball caps/headscarves, etc. may NOT be worn on top of students' heads. This is a security issue due to the fact we are unable to see our students' faces in our camera system. If there was ever an emergency, it is essential that we are able to see a child's actual face. Common areas (hallways, cafeterias, etc.) must have student faces in full view.

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