Punalu'u Beach

one of the few black sand beaches in the world.

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Location and Setting

Punalu'u is one of the most famous black sand beaches in Hawaii. Located on the southeastern coast of Kau, the beaches black shores are one of the many unforgettable sights in America. The latitude and longitude of Punalu'u is 19.14 degrees North, and 155.5 degrees West.


Punalu'u is located in the middle of a plate. It is created by a hot spot, and is close to tectonic activity. The beach has an active coast, and its features are created by volcanic forces. The coast is primary, and has been sinking relative to sea level since its existence. Hawaii's shores sink each year by a few inches. It has a submergent coast as well.

punalu'u's origin

If you guys didn't already know, the sand on the beach is black. Punalu'u is famous because of the color of the sand on the beach. The sand is black due to broken up volcanic minerals and lava fragments. The most common rock type of the sand is basalt. Other rock types include andesite, and volcanic glass. The minerals that give color to the rocks are predominantly pyroxenes. Waves arrive at an angle on the beach. Swimming is not ideal for everyone, but the beach is open for tourists and has picnic tables and even bathrooms to welcome guests.