VCR Lesson 5

Abby Kruszka

Fill in the blank with the correct word!

When Gatsby reunited with Daisy, he spoke about their romance with a certain ______ as if nothing could go wrong.
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  • Lightness in speech or behavior; especially unbecoming jocularity; frivolity.
  • Parts of Speech: noun
  • Origin: Latin levis, "light"


  • Jocularity: given to, characterized by, intended for, or suited for joking or jesting
  • Frivolity: lack of seriousness or sense
  • Giddiness
  • Silliness
  • Lightness


  • Dullness
  • Depression
  • Gravity (Heaviness)
  • Seriousness

Examples of Levity in Movies

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Choose the sentence in which the bold-faced word is used incorrectly.

  1. Jenny was shocked to see Ben speak with such levity at his grandmother's funeral.
  2. The movie Marley and Me is notorious for its levity because it is impossible to watch without crying.
  3. After getting college acceptance letters, most seniors speak with levity about the future.
  4. The levity in the girl's voice was unmistakable after her first date with a cute boy.