EMDR Consultation

for Certification or Enhancing Your Practice

Distance Consultation via Phone or Skype

If you are considering pursuing certification in EMDR, and also have a background in any of these other advanced specialties, please contact me.

I have been providing supervision and consultation for AASECT, ASCH, EMDRIA, and IFS candidates by phone and Skype for a number of years; both individually and in groups.

Many consultees have benefitted from the opportunity to integrate more than one of these modalities due to my multiple specializations. For example; my background in IFS and Clinical Hypnosis informs the application of EMDR, and all of these can enhance the provision of Sex Therapy.

EMDR Certification

Certification by the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) requires 20 hours of consultation from an Approved Consultant in addition to completing the 50 hour EMDRIA Approved Training, and 12 additional EMDRIA Approved CE hours.

About Me

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Altoona, PA for the past 30 years. Please visit my website: www.brucehersey.com

Over the past ten years, my practice has evolved to include consultation and training for other mental health professionals seeking certification in advanced psychotherapy methods, such as: Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), Clinical Hypnosis, Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), and Sex Therapy. Much of this work is done via phone or Skype, with consultees in other states and countries.

For my office clients, I offer a highly integrated approach combining these advanced methods in a holistic way to help them travel their own paths toward health, healing, and recovery. Professionals obtaining consultation to develop advanced skills for their own practices also benefit from the combination of these advanced specialties and the opportunity to blend and integrate them at a high level.

I am an AASECT Certified Supervisor and Diplomate of Sex Therapy, and an Approved Consultant in both Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) & EMDR (EMDRIA).

I am also a Certified IFS Therapist (Internal Family Systems Therapy), having completed IFS Levels One, Two & Three Trainings and participated as a Program Assistant in several Level Ones.