George Wilson

Symbol #1 The automobile

This symbol represents his whole life because, servicing autos is all he has ever done and most likely all he would ever do.

Symbol #2 The valley of Ashes

The valley of ashes representes for one, it where her lives and the area is gloomy and sad and dark which is almost exactly like his life. He has a sad life



Greasy, dusty, reserved, crazy.

Killer of Jay Gatsby, and himself.

Lover of fixing automobiles.

Who feels empty inside.

Who needs a new wife.
Who gives a bullet to Gatsby.

Who fears rejection.

Who would like to see justice served.

Resident of The valley of ashes.



"I told her she might fool me but she couldn't fool God."

PG. 159

This quote is significant because George pretty much says the he might be blind to the problem but God and the world is not.