Khayman Bartley


My biom is located on the poles. Under a thin layer of soil is permafrost a thin layer of permanently frozen layer of grond. In the brief summers the top layer thaws and plants and microw organisms grow and reproduce.

General characteristics

There is ice and snow all over the place and big ice mountains called glaziers and rocky mountains

Animal Life

it is not all ice and snow there is life like polar bears, and penguins, seals walruses, orcas, gyrfalcon, tundra swan , the snowy owl etc etc there are also narwhals watch video below

Plant Life

There is plant life there is lichen lichen are unusual organisms that grow on exposed rocks it is a favored food for caribou and musk ox most plants in the tundra have dark red leaves it helps absorb sun light in the cold tundra climate many plant in the cold tundra grow in small clumps and are called cushion plants they sort of huddle to keep warm
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abiotic features


temperature during the cold winter of the tundra can get to -60F the warmest it ever gets is between 50F 32F The average temperature is 10F to 25F